The time has come for many to form a deeper connection to their Higher Self. There are various reasons for this, one of them being that the energy is stronger now and a deeper connection is necessary to help with the integration of the incoming energy to enable you to feel more in balance. If you don’t integrate the energy, you may feel you are going crazy.

The high Heart, or Sacred Heart, acts as a portal to your Higher Self. It is the passageway or gateway that connects your [lower] consciousness with your higher consciousness which is known as your Higher Self. Whichever way you choose to view this part of yourself is up to you. Call it God too if you like. We don’t like labels because as Beings of Light, we are infinite and therefore cannot be defined by a word.

We have said many times that you will find everything you need within you – and the meaning of these words has been misunderstood by some, but we mean this quite literally. Within your high Heart chakra or energy center / vortex, you will find the gateway to your True Self. That’s it. Nowhere else. You have also heard that the Heart is the center of the New Reality and New Earth, and it is. We are in a sense moving out of our minds, and our false sense of self which is the ego, and into our hearts.

For some being in their heart center is achieved through meditation, for others it may be through music, art or working with animals. For some it may be through baking a cake. Generally doing whatever brings you joy is connecting you with your Heart chakra because you are BE-ing love by doing what brings you your greatest joy. And there is nothing wrong with that! Continue please, do what you love because nothing brings Spirit more joy than YOU experiencing joy! Love and Joy is food to the Soul.

But let’s explain how to form a deeper connection to your Higher Self. This is achieved firstly through constantly maintaining awareness of being in your Heart, and secondly through deep meditation. Usually your ego will try to prevent you from having this deeper connection, so initially you will be dragged away from the Heart back into your mind by your ego bombarding you will useless thoughts. Your ego, which is the ‘false sense of self’ is threatened by the Heart because it knows that each time you go in there, your ego becomes more diminished. But don’t give up! Keep working at maintaining this deeper connection through meditation. If you find yourself being drawn away, just refocus and go within again. It helps also to instruct your ego not to interfere.

Once you’ve established a deeper connection through meditation, allow yourself to go deeper still and eventually you will begin to feel the vortex of energy there. Feel the energy and eventually you will be able to discern a specific frequency which is your Sacred frequency – this is your signature frequency that belongs exclusively to you. Enjoy being in this vibrational frequency. Allow it to fill your entire being and you will feel it within every cell of your physical body. Ask it to heal you, to nourish and revitalize you. This is your Sacred space; make time for being in this space. It is where you will begin to truly know your Self – your True Self.

The reward that comes with establishing and being in this deeper connection cannot be adequately described in words. It can only be felt to be truly known. In this space there is no ‘need’ anymore, so you will ask for nothing, yet receive everything.

This is the paradox.


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