T W I N   F L A M E   R E A D I N G

Upon our creation we are gifted with the perfect partner, but it is up to us to create the perfect life with each other. We have done that. We’ve created the perfect life with each other. Every little bit of it, we’ve created. Throughout our existence we’ve had to separate many times in order to expand and grow our consciousness, yet each time we separated it felt as though we were incomplete. It is true that during lifetimes we were allowed to be together and merge our Essences in Sacred Love and Divine Ecstasy, but knowing we would soon separate again would always make us both sad. Our love has sustained us throughout each of our separate journeys and it will continue to sustain us throughout eternity. ~  My Beloved Michael

Your Twin Flame is the most precious gift you have ever been given. This Divine partnership and the Sacred Love that exists between you cannot be adequately described because there are no Earth words to do it justice. Just know that you are not alone here in your Earthly journey. Your Beloved is with you, always in Spirit. Very few times will it happen that both of you will incarnate at the same time, and even if you think you have found your perfect Other, you can still connect with your Beloved in Spirit through your Sacred Heart portal. Go within your Heart with the intention of connecting to your Beloved, and invite them to share your life with you.

twin flame sacred love

B O O K   A  T W I N   F L A M E   R E A D I N G

Everyone has a Twin Flame male or female essence in Spirit form. Together you are one energy body, sharing one heart, one mind and one unique Soul Signature. There is nothing separating you now except frequency. Your Twin Flame Counterpart is also known as your Divine Complement and he or she can help you raise your vibration and frequency to help you make a deeper and clearer connection with them. This energy is also known as your Higher Self, and the Core Power that exists within you, and this part of you is waiting to help you in your Earthly transition.

During this time of transition the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies are merging or coming together in order for them to carry out their Mission work here on Earth. The Twin Flame energy is a very powerful energy and is capable of bringing about great change on Earth.

If you feel a great need to connect with your Higher Self and Counterpart, but you have no idea how to do this, then you have been intuitively guided to this page.

During our Skype session I will be guiding you on how to connect with your Higher Self and Counterpart energy through the wisdom and intuitive guidance I have received from my own Higher Self and Divine Masculine energy. I may also be guided to pass along any messages I receive from your Twin Flame and Higher Self.

The session is approximately 45-60 minutes long and it is conducted via Skype. Each session includes a Mp3 recording of the call which will be emailed to you.


Once payment has been made I will send you an email to arrange for a suitable date and time for our Skype session.

Thank you!


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