B O O K   A  T W I N   F L A M E   R E A D I N G

Everyone has a Twin Flame Essence, in male or female form and also out of form. Together you are one energy body, sharing one heart, one mind and one unique Soul Signature. There is nothing separating you now except frequency. Your Twin Flame Essence is also known as your Divine Complement and he or she can help you raise your vibration and frequency to help you make a deeper and clearer connection with your inherent divinity.

During this time of transition the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies are merging or coming together in order for them to carry out their Divine Purpose, their mission work here on the physical Earth plane. The Twin Flame energy is a very powerful energy and is capable of bringing about great change on Earth.

If you feel a great need to connect with your Twin Flame, but you have no idea how to do this, then you have been intuitively guided to this page.

During our Skype session I will be guiding you on how to connect with your Twin Flame Essence through the wisdom and intuitive guidance I have received through my Higher Self and I AM Presence, as well as my own Twin Flame energy. I may also be guided to pass along any messages I receive from your Twin Flame and Higher Self.

The session is approximately 45-60 minutes long and it is conducted via Skype. Each session includes a Mp3 recording of the call which will be emailed to you. During our time together you will receive an energy healing and clearing which will open gateways into receiving higher love.


Once payment has been made, please complete the booking form opposite.

You will receive an email with available dates and times for our Skype session together.

Please also bear in mind that Deborah is located in Cape Town, South Africa (EST +7, GMT+2) so please allow for up to 12 hours for her to respond to your booking.

Thank you!




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