Join our NEW Weekly Fellowship Ring with Archangel Michael and Faith!

This is the space where we get together to discuss a wide range of topics, and enjoy fellowship and camaraderie with other like-minded Souls to share our joy, laughter and enlightenment!

  • What is Ascension? What does it mean? Where are we going?
  • What is Consciousness?
  • Communicating with the Higher Realms of Spirit. Is it safe?
  • How to develop the relationship between you and your Higher Self
  • How to go about healing physical relationships
  • The illusions of the 3rd dimension such as Time/Space, Need, Fear, Separation and so forth.
  • What is the difference between illusion and a hologram?
  • Manifesting Abundance and ……….Money!
  • Using the Violet Flame of Transmutation and other Sacred Flames to enhance your life experience
  • The Nature of Oneness
  • The Power of Unconditional Love
  • The Power of Blessing
  • The Power of Gratitude
  • Death ~ What is death? Is there an afterlife? Is it safe there? Should I be scared?
  • What about demons and evil spirits?
  • Is Lucifer real?
  • Who are the Angels and how can they help me in my life? Is it considered blasphemy to pray to them?
  • What does it mean to stand in your power?
  • What does unconditional Love feel like?


Gatherings of The Fellowship Ring are held EVERY Saturday from 09h00 to 10h00 EST on Group Skype video chat. We have 24 Seats available each week!

If you would like to attend this weeks Fellowship Ring, then please add me as a contact on Skype – deborah.faith100, and complete submit the form below!

Thank You! Namasté

Deborah Faith


Admission to the Fellowship Ring

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