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Archangel Michael oversees the ascension of all beings on their Earth plane journey. He takes a personal interest in supporting and guiding each and every one of you at this time crucial time in your evolution. I work with Archangel Michael and intuitively receive guidance to support, guide and coach people who approach us through this site or through our blog. There is no money exchange for this service, but if you would like to make a financial contribution, please let me know. Note:  Your question/s and the answers we provide may or may not be used anonymously on this page for the benefit of others. Please contact me via email with your question/s. Namasté ♥

What is a Twin Flame?

Your Twin Flame is your counterpart energy, meaning the part or aspect of yourself that holds your divine Essence, which is both masculine and feminine, because you are in Essence an androgynous Being. Your Twin Flame in most cases waits for you in the 5th Dimension, and when you are ready, will ignite the Flame within your Sacred Heart when you are able to FEEL their Presence.They will then work with you to bring you back into full alignment.

Your Twin Flame can also be your Guardian Angel and will sometimes even refer to him or herself as your Source energy. You share an energetic Signature frequency which is unique to you as a Soul. You are and always will be ONE energy.There is nothing that can ever come between you!

It is true that when you are in alignment and in congruence with your Twin Flame Essence, you are at your most powerful as a grounded Being. This is because when the Two Flames unite together as ONE, your combined masculine and feminine energies work together and you become One powerful entity in Soul Consciousness, and you are able at this point to merge together with all the other aspects or parts of your multi-dimensional Self and Consciousness in the 6th dimension and beyond.

What is the difference between your Astral body and your Light Body?

Your astral body is your etheric body and the part of you that lives on the etheric or astral plane. Your Light Body is your physical body which has been activated and transmuted into Light through a process of transformation which is changing your carbon  based form into a crystalline based form. Your physical body literally becomes Light-er as you begin to hold more Light and Divine Love energy. You need a crystalline based form in order hold the powerful high density energy of the higher planes of existence. Until your transformation is complete you will need a Merkaba which is the transportation vehicle for your Light Body. When you travel in your Light Body and Merkaba you will feel a great increase in vibration in your physical body and you may experience an increase in the buzzing in your ears.  It will feel like you’ve literally been plugged into an electro magnetic power source of energy.

Is there dark energy out there? Do demons exist?
Q. Is there dark energy out there? Do demons exist? A. A couple years ago I was a victim of my ego mind / lower consciousness and I believed that I was being attacked by dark energy and by demons. I later realized it was my ego that was the ‘voice in my head’ I was hearing trying to goad me into believing I was hearing Archangel Michael. I have since learned through Archangel Michael that dark is only the absence of light and therefore there are no demons and dark beings on this planet that can cause anyone harm. I also know now that all the communication I receive from Archangel Michael is always loving and will never feed any fear. The sword Michael carries is the Sword of Truth, and not in any way a weapon used for destructive purposes. Each and every soul incarnated here is under the guardianship and protection of his or her Higher Self, and as such no harm can come from any thing or any source. The only time harm can come to anyone is if they allow their mind to tell them they are vulnerable and open to psychic attack or other forms of harm. Fear lowers the vibration and makes it difficult for Spirit to make a clear connection with us. Fear also attracts other lower thought forms and negative energy which can snowball the effect and make matters seem much worse than they are. The truth is the Love is all there is, and Love is the true nature of our Be-ing. The Love of which I speak is Divine Love, the Love of our Creator. Peace comes from knowing only Love is real, and all else is illusion. The Violet Flame is a wonderful tool given to us to help clear the negative energy in the collective consciousness of mankind, and also within your own energy. This tool can be used by anyone and at any time, and there is no special invocation needed. Purely your intent. Intention is everything. There is nothing ‘out there’ except more Love, as all higher frequency energy is Divine Love. It is for us to let go of our ego’s and lower consciousness and embrace this energy as it will transform and heal what needs to be healed, not only individually but collectively.
I feel as though I am lost. I'm not even sure I have a soul. Is there any hope for me?
Of course there is hope for you! No one is ever truly lost! Don’t measure yourself against someone else. It does not mean because you cannot feel or see energy that you are not growing spiritually. And meditation does not come naturally for everyone. It is not necessary to meditate for hours and be transported to ‘other worlds’ in order to be growing spiritually. As long as you make an effort each day to do some form of meditation, you will be fine. I recommend doing a 10 minute guided meditation (Pleiadian Essential Daily Practice) which you will find here http://www.solara.org.uk/meditation.aspx
There are also a lot of beautiful guided meditations from the Seraphim Angels on this site which I highly recommend http://www.listenbeloved.com/group-meditations/
Secondly, you DO have a soul. Everyone does! But if you are living in your ego/mind it is virtually impossible to FEEL this part of yourself. While you continue to live in your ego based reality, you will continue to have negative thoughts about yourself and this is going to slow down your spiritual growth. The first ‘rule’ in spiritual growth is to unplug yourself from what everyone else is doing. You are a unique Spiritual Being, and no two spiritual journey’s are the same. Try not to measure yourself against other people or you will always end up being disappointed.
The most important advice I can give you now is for you to start listening to the meditations above every day. I especially recommend the Seraphim Angel meditations because they will help you now to love yourself unconditionally. This is vitally important on your spiritual journey. Your Soul IS LOVE, and unless you can love yourself, unconditionally – without judgement – you will find it difficult to move forward effortlessly on your spiritual journey.
Your life will change drastically and positively in ways that will astound you if you let go of all your limiting beliefs, and limiting thought patterns. It does not surprise me that your energy centers (chakras) are closed. When you continually judge yourself as not being good enough, you close your connection to your Divine Self.
The center of the New Reality is in your HEART, not your mind/ego. So please step out of your ego/mind and start to focus on your heart center. When you listen to the Seraphim meditations, remember to stay focused in your heart and your chakra’s will open. Ask your Higher Self/Soul to help you open your chakras. Your Higher Self/Soul is capable of helping you in every area of your life, but only if you allow it to help you, and ONLY if you are living in your heart, not your ego.
There is nothing you have to DO on your spiritual journey except love yourself, and begin to express yourself as a being of Divine Love. BE LOVE! Because Love is who we all are – everything is energy, and energy is love. Light is love. So BE the essence of who you are truly are. The Spiritual journey is about returning to Self, your True Self, which is your Soul. This journey is inevitable for everyone. How difficult or easy this journey is, depends on you and your thoughts about yourself. Your thoughts are extremely powerful.
Feeling unworthy and alone
Greetings! I recently came across your website and love all that you do to help others. I was wondering if you could help me answer some questions. I only recently became aware that I have been channeling for most of my life. I do it without knowingly connecting to my Guide(s). I want to work with them more directly and call them by a name. I was given a guided meditation which is supposed to help you mentally meet your guide. Well, when I first did the meditation, I got Jesus. I had to snicker. I thought it was my mind playing tricks on me after 12 years of formal Catholic education. I did the same guided meditation a couple more times and keep getting either nothing/no one or different names. I attended a channeling group a couple of weeks ago where I go to practice and sat there for the first hour upset that things weren’t coming easily to me and that I didn’t even know the name of my guide. At the end of the channeling group, those of us who are still “in training” or newbies are given a chance to say what had come to us. One lady spoke up and said she just gets one or two words and has no idea what they mean for people. Well, she got to me and said something related to my health then the word “Jesus”. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry or what. I am no longer a Catholic, but believe in God/a higher power. I feel unworthy to channel Jesus. I have read that others do channel Jesus and he is seen by many others as not a god but more of a prophet. I can deal with channeling a prophet, but it’s so ingrained in me that Jesus = God and I can’t get past it. I guess I’m just wondering if you can offer me any help in figuring out who is my primary guide. I feel so lost and confused. I want to help others, but can’t seem to get unstuck myself. I have prayed and prayed, cried and cried, but other then feeling like someone (who I couldn’t see) sat down on my bed one time, I feel alone. I have a gift helping ghosts cross over, but it seems like there is much more I am supposed to do. I feel if I knew my guide’s name/who/what they are it would greatly help me move forward. I apologize for this being so long and truly appreciate your time and any help you can offer.
Firstly I’d like to say thank you for following your intuitive guidance that led you to my site and for contacting me! Jesus is an Ascended Master and he is very much involved in the evolution of mankind here. He is guide to many, including myself! It is important when connecting to your guides and your higher self that you TRUST. I cannot emphasize this enough. As soon as you let any negative energy interfere, you will lose, or at the very least, lessen the connection. Any negative vibration, whether it be doubt or feelings of unworthiness will lower your vibration and impair your connection. As a grounded Light Being its important that you realize your worth, and any feeling of being ‘less than’ is far removed from who you truly are. Would God create something that is ‘not good’? Ask yourself that. One of the things I have learned with Michael is that we ARE perfect, and we always will be, no matter what we perceive ourselves to be in this human form.
Secondly, your primary guide is always your Higher Self, and I am not going to tell you who that is. You must get past your doubts and fear and your feelings of being less than, in order to establish this information for yourself. Remember that as soon as you tell yourself “I am not worthy”, you are not only saying it to yourself, but to your Higher Self also, because you are One. In fact, you are voicing it to God also, because WE ARE ALL ONE.
Your ego is telling you you’re alone. Its impossible to be alone – separation is an illusion. Your ego will have you believe this, and it may have served you up until now as a means to experience separation, but it is not something that you have to continue to experience – unless it is your choice to do so.
There is nothing you are supposed to DO. This I have written about extensively. BE Love – this is all you need ever BE. Be love, and that means going into your heart and getting out of your mind/ego. Go into your High Heart or Sacred Heart and connect with your Higher Self there. This is where you will find all you have been looking for outside of yourself. You will find Love, Peace and Joy, as well as contentment. You will find Divine Grace. Listen to the meditations being freely offered by the Seraphim Angels. There is a link on my Links page. These meditations will help you overcome your fears.
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