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What is a Twin Flame?

Your Twin Flame is your counterpart energy, meaning the part or aspect of yourself that holds your divine Essence, which is both masculine and feminine, because you are in Essence an androgynous Being. But that does not mean you cannot express yourself, or portray yourself in a male or female body, and exhibit the qualities of that sex.

Your Twin Flame will wait for you in the higher frequencies of the 5th Dimension, and when you are ready, he or she will ignite the Flame of Love within your Sacred Heart so that you are able to FEEL their Presence. They will then work with you consciously and unconsciously to bring you back into full alignment with your greater Self or Higher Self.

Your Twin Flame can also be looked upon as one of your Guardian Angels and will sometimes even refer to him or herself as your Higher Self and Source energy.

You share an energetic Soul Blueprint and Signature frequency which is unique to your energy matrix. You are and always will be ONE group Body of energy.

There is nothing that can ever come between you! You are in Soul Essence inseparable.

It is true that when you are in alignment and in full congruence with your Twin Flame in Spirit, you are at your most powerful as a grounded Being. This is because when the Two Flames are united together as ONE in a common cause your combined energies are amplified, and you are able at this point to merge with your multi-dimensional Consciousness and in so doing become a powerful Creator. At this level of being become the Alchemist!

What is the difference between your Astral body and your Light Body?

Your astral body is sometimes referred to as your etheric body, and it is the exact replica of your physical body. It is part of your 4 Body System which has accompanied you on your Earth journey. Your Light Body is your 5th dimensional Light form which is capable of traversing multiple planes of existence once fully activated. Your Light Body is comprised of crystalline frequencies of Light, sub-atomic particles of supreme perfection, which are in alignment with Multidimensional Light frequencies.

Is there dark energy out there? Do demons exist?

No, and no again. How can either of them exist in reality if you really apply your higher mind to these questions when we know that all is Love? They can, however, be created using the lower confines of the human mind which is where illusions are created. Therefore they can be experienced too. But they are not real, they are illusion. All illusion fades into nothing-ness when Light (and therefore Love) is added to the mix. Therefore it can be said that fear is conquered through Love.

We speak here of unconditional Love – the Love that is divine, not of human understanding. Divine Love is incomprehensible to the human mind. It is infinitely powerful and can withstand anything, heal anything and therefore transform anything.

Do not underestimate the Power of True Love.

I think I may have lost my soul. Is there any hope for me?

You can never lose your Soul, neither partially nor completely. Neither can you leave your Soul. You ARE a soul! Your Soul is the Essence of who you truly are. You can never lose any part of it, not ever. It has 100% power over you.

There is always hope. Once you decide you have had enough of your limited human experience, you can choose to ‘plug’ into your Soul Source energy, and this requires that you place your attention and focus within your heart vs your ego mind.

When you decided to come to the physical realm to experience duality you set yourself certain lessons with which you would gain certain experiences in order to assist your growth and expansion as a Soul. It is these experiences that you got lost in as your forgot your true origin. Because the experience of duality based living appears to be so real, you forgot that you are a player in the game of illusion. At some point the Soul will guide your human ego back to its origins to be united with its true Essence of Self. But this can only happen once the Soul part of you is satisfied that you have accomplished all you set out to accomplish here.

To reach your Soul Self, simply acknowledge that this higher part of you exists, then surrender yourself to it, and let it take full control of your life. This is the pathway to ‘redemption’ and the Way that will lead you back Home.

Has Jesus forgiven me for the mistakes I made in the past? I prayed to him and asked him to forgive me. But I’m unsure if he has heard me.

Jesus has heard you and he wants you to know that he hears ALL prayers. He also wants you to know that no forgiveness is necessary. He has never blamed you for anything for he loves you unconditionally and therefore he will never judge you. You can do no ‘wrong’ in his eyes. The mistakes you made were merely wrong choices which served to help you learn and grow in your Soul’s experience, but they should not be thought of as ‘wrong’. You can do no wrong. Everything has its purpose. There are no mistakes. Forgive yourself for thinking you have done wrong and caused him any disappointment.

Forgiving yourself for the hurt you have caused others, and forgiveness of those who have hurt and disappointed you, will set you free.

Jesus loves you very much and he wants you to know that you are very precious to him.

Do the Archangels have physical embodiments here on Earth? Do they have Twin Flames?

Absolutely! There is not one Archangel that is not at some level physically embodied upon the Earth plane at this crucial time of Planetary ascension. It is through their embodiments that the Archangels, many of whom are also Ascended Masters, are bringing the Earth back into the higher frequencies and realms of Light.

Yes they do have Twin Flames. Why would God create a Being in His image without its perfect counterpart Essence? Love makes the Cosmos go round! All is love and love is all.

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