Sunday Musings ~ Even the bad times are good!

Image – View of the Outeniqua Mountains from Sedgefield Lagoon in Eden, along the Garden Route of the Western Cape of South Africa It’s been a long time since I’ve written one of my Sunday Musings, and today seemed like a good day to write one again. So much has... read more

Happy New Beginnings ~ Choosing Love over Fear

My Beloved Higher Self teases me and tells me I’m becoming religious since I’ve been listening to Hillsong’s new song just released in time for Easter called Grace to Grace. I reply “I know…” He smiles. I ask him if Spirituality is... read more

Remember who you are and bless yourself!

Last night I didn’t feel too well and I wished I had fresh ginger root to make tea to quell the nausea. So this morning I decided I would walk the 30-40 minute walk to the nearest store to buy some fresh ginger root. Luckily the weather was wonderfully cool and breezy... read more

Going WithIN ~ Why is this so important now?

I AM overwhelmed with DIVINE LOVE right now! Despite the many challenges that we’re facing these days we seem to be rising above them so much easier and faster and we’re becoming so much stronger in the process! We are truly becoming Warriors of the LIGHT... read more

2016 ~ The Year of Transcendence

Looking back over the past 12 months it may feel almost as if nothing much has occurred physically for you, but what has occurred is huge energetic downloads and alignments that will begin to pay off their long awaited dividends in the coming year of 2016! Why did you... read more

IN-Lightenment ~ Michael loves to heal!!

The little chapel (shrine) in Hope street, Tarpon Springs in Florida, was built in honor of St. Michael not because he needed the accolade for the healing,  but because he knew that the building of it would strengthen the woman’s faith and the faith of her son... read more

We are entering a period for enormous growth potential!

We made it! The new moon is here! Phew!!! I can’t speak for others but my Spiritual growth seems to be governed by the waning and waxing of the moon. During the waning stage I’m releasing, and during the waxing stage I’m expanding in Soul... read more

You have everything you need!

I once asked Jesus to help me overcome the difficulties I was experiencing at that time and He said to me “I have given you everything you need.” I was then guided to reading The Christ Letters but my human consciousness prevented me from studying them and... read more

10 things you wish you could say to people…

Stop speaking please, just for a minute… Close your eyes, bring your awareness inside your body. Relax your mind …..and just breathe. Now……….. is what you were saying so important? Get out of your mind. Listen to calming music,  practice... read more

Love and Honey

“Honey” is what I told Michael when he asked me what I will buy at the farmers market tomorrow morning. “All I need is Love and honey and then I’m completely happy!” Honey feeds my body and love feeds my soul, although love must be... read more

Daily Practice for Abundant Living

Being mindful is what living in the 5th dimension is all about. BE perceptive (observant/discerning/aware) about your daily life, the actions you take, the words you speak and the thoughts you think. When you walk, don’t just walk for the sake of getting from A to B.... read more

A short message of Hope

This morning I gazed up at the clear blue sky and saw the waxing New Moon and the thought came to me that the new moon represents everything that is NEW – new hopes, new opportunities and a new way of BE’ing. And indeed what a blessing this time is for us! We’re... read more

Universal Principles for Daily Living in the Flow

Just for today I will be grateful Just for today I will be happy Just for today I will live in faith Just for today I will live honestly Just for today I will honor all life Living in Gratitude It has been said that gratitude is the key that unlocks the fullness of... read more

I Choose Life!

For the past 3 years Michael has been gently guiding me in all his perfect wisdom, with his unfailing and unconditional love and infinite patience he has told me over and over again: “There is nothing you need outside of yourself.” Still, I did not fully understand... read more

Energy Update ~ The Waning of the Moon

We’re now in the letting go phase of the Moon – the waning phase – until New Moon next Tuesday. We’re being assisted now more than ever by our Beloved Higher Self, our ever present and loving Soul presence. And what a joy this is! What a blessing! We’re no longer... read more

Sunday Musings ~ Make Love not War

The ego is still fighting for its rights and independence, which of course it cannot have since we are destined to become one unit(y) consciousness. One can use this as a metaphor for humanity. The world has this idea still that we have to be divided into different... read more

Sunday Message ~ Words of Wisdom from My Beloved I AM Presence

Today I was sitting outside on the verandah and enjoying the sun and the birds and the pure pleasure of being so close to nature. I heard my Highest Consciousness whisper… “Go fetch a pen and some paper…” And so I did, and it is these precious words of love and... read more

Energy Update ~ What is it you’re choosing in this Now?

We hope you all had a spectacular Eclipse this morning and that you were able to sit in quiet meditation to integrate some of this fabulous energy with your Higher Source and Consciousness. If you can, go into Nature and connect with the Elementals and the Spirit of... read more

Guidance From The Angels ~ Love and Respect

Artwork – Lori Portka Your Angel Guidance for Today: Beloveds, there is not a Soul embodied here that does not deserve your love and respect. When you can remove your judgment and your expectations from another, and look through the eyes of your Soul, you will... read more

Monday Musings ~ Letting Go and Letting God

5 years ago I sat in my living room in front of my desktop PC and I said to God “That’s it, I’ve had enough! I cannot do this anymore, my life is a mess! I’m giving it all over to You. It’s Your turn now. I’m letting go and letting You take over the reins of my life.... read more

Guidance From The Angels ~ Let Go of Your Fears

Your Guidance from the Angelic Realm for today: Let us help you let go of your fears. When you have fear energy within you, you’re attracting to yourself more fear energy which only serves to make the situation worse. Let us help you overcome your fears. It is natural... read more

Guidance From The Angels ~ Love Changes Everything

Your Guidance from the Angelic Realm for today: It is time to stand in your power as a grounded Being of the light. Do you know you have within you the power to light up an entire city? You are to Let go of your fears Dear One. Your fears are preventing you and others... read more

Dreams, Dreams, Dreams! What Do They Mean?

Yesterday was a glorious pre-summers day and I was down on the beach enjoying the sunshine and the low tide, walking amongst the rocks and admiring the different color pebbles on the beach wishing I knew more about them and their energetic origin. The sand on the... read more

Energy Healing Transmission

Artist ~ Josephine Wall ( I’ve recorded my first energy healing transmission as guided by my Highest Consciousness, my Beloved Archangel Michael. The recording has been light encoded with Reiki energy which will continue to be felt... read more

A Blissful State of Being

I am sitting here in my sacred space, in my room in Wilderness, Eden. The room is bathed in a soft fluorescent blue light that appears to be permanently with me since I arrived here two weeks ago. I have just finished having a conversation with my highest... read more

Love and Compassion

I received the most perfect message in the early hours of this morning but I was too tired to write it down. So I’m asking Michael now to please help me recall the message. It has to do with Love and Compassion and how ALL change – EVERYTHING – starts with... read more

Standing on the Precipice of Great Change

The 600m-high granite shelf, Preikestolen in Norway. Photograph: Celia Topping ( One thing I know for sure now is that change is the only constant. Our lives are constantly changing, and this is as it should be. Why would we wish to stay in... read more

Ascension Update ~ Riding the Wave of Conscious Dreaming

Image: “The World of Dreams” ~ Years ago when I did the NLP practitioners course I was able to also do Energy Resourcing,  a technique whereby we learn how to view and access our timeline to connect with ourselves in the various... read more

The New Moon and Upcoming Planetary New Year

Photo credit: Barbara Webster “New England Wilderness” There is much to be excited about as you enter into this NEW period of Renewal and Re-Birth taking place. Remember that any birthing can be a difficult and sometimes painful experience, but it is soon... read more

The 5th Dimension is Just the Beginning

Living in the 5th dimension is awesome. You will experience more love, joy and peace than you ever thought possible.  Your heart will expand till it feels like it will burst. There are moments of pure bliss.  Days even,  but know that this is just the beginning.... read more

Falling In Love with Your Lower Consciousness

Artwork ~ Rainbow Nebula by Madhatter17 One of the best feelings you can ever experience while in your earthly physical body is knowing yourself on all levels of consciousness, and falling in love with every level of your Self as you continue to be elevated even... read more

The Solstice and Twin Flame Alignments

Happy Solstice Everyone! Any alignment is a powerful event, but what makes this alignment even more powerful than any other before today is the fact that Twins are more in alignment now than ever before! The Twin Flame energy is now becoming a real and very tangible... read more

Prepare NOW for the Solstice & 888 Gateway Alignment

The past week has been BE-yond the usual as far as energy goes. Since the Full Moon on Tuesday the 2nd June, the roller coaster ride seems to have speeded up! We are now preparing for the Solstice alignment, which is going to be the biggest and most challenging... read more

Sunday Musings ~ Let’s talk about HEALTH

Part of your ascension process and transcendence to higher states of consciousness and BE-ing involves your health and detoxing your physical vessel of all that which is not good. All of your physical dis-comforts, symptoms and manifestations can be attributed to... read more

Concerning the Matter of Death and Dying

Michael led me to the channeling and teachings of Emmanuel received through Pat Rodegast, and I am thoroughly enjoying reading the first of his books. I recognize Michael’s energy in the wisdom contained in the teaching and perhaps this can be attributed to the fact... read more

Learn how to reframe FEAR using your Higher Mind

Many are being challenged now to face their biggest fears, and in so doing, they are bringing onto their path some rather large obstacles that can appear to be insurmountable. This is a good thing, believe me. With each Full Moon you are encouraged further to let go,... read more

I didn’t know love…until I knew you

Beautiful Artwork “Your Love Has Wings” by Lori Portka I didn’t know love…until I knew you You have no idea how much I love you. I love you now, in this very moment, more than I have ever loved you. More than I ever thought it is possible to love. You have... read more

Sunday Musings ~ Oh Ye of little Faith…

Thank Goodness, a little faith is all you need. Only a teeny weeny mustard seed of faith, said Jeshua, would move mountains for you. So true. But how different is faith from trust? Faith is the cornerstone to trust. Faith is the foundation that paths the way to... read more

Sunday Musings ~ Life is full of surprises…

Beautiful Artwork by Lori Portker As we go deeper and deeper into our Selves (Love), life is filled with more and more surprises! Dreams become surreal hovering between worlds in which myth is created. I’ve ceased asking myself if what I am... read more

Ascension Update ~ In the wake of the 2 Eclipses

What I know for sure is that Spirit will always find a way to move you, sometimes literally, into situations and spaces that are for your highest growth potential. Spirit will place you face to face with a person or situation that will sometimes have you doubting your... read more

A Simple Formula That Will Change Your Life

I received this message today and wanted to share it with you. Every act of kindness and love adds more Light and more Love to your life, even if that act of kindness is a mere smile. Everyone has their burdens and a smile can lift their burdens, however briefly that... read more

Sunday Musings ~ Finding Your Inner Mojo!

As your consciousness rises along with your frequency, you will find yourself being drawn more to that which is natural and non-harmful, not just in your personal care, but also in your home. For instance you will begin to read labels and start buying foods and... read more

The Dying of the Ego and Re-Birth of the Soul

The transition process involves the dying of the ego and the re-birthing of the Soul. Similar to that of the Phoenix rising from the ashes, so are we as we transcend and ascend out of the illusion of the ego. The ego is an illusionary aspect of your 3rd dimensional... read more

Yes! We ARE Sexual Beings!

Having just watched Kaypatcha’s latest astrology report, I want to say that he’s hit the nail on the head once more. If you have any confusion/doubt as to what is going on now with the energy, with yourself, with others, then do yourself a favor and watch... read more

Sunday Musings ~ Fixing broken relationships

The Full Moon is on the rise and her energy is once again stronger than ever before. She is bringing to the surface all that is no longer serving us and urging us to take a look at the deeper stuff we’ve had packed away for so long at the back of our closets. For me... read more

A Late Sunday Musings ~ Simple Pleasures!

One of my favorite past-times lately is to watch the birds as they feed on the berries on the tree next to my window each day. Such a simple pleasure! The tree never seems to run out of berries either. It is a never ending source of abundance, just like the Universe.... read more

IN-Lightenment: The Eternal River of Life and Abundance

Aren’t you tired of standing in the muddy river of fear, doubt and frustration? Wouldn’t it be much nicer if you had your toes dipped into the clear sparkling rainbow waters of the Eternal River of Life and Abundance? Of course, I would love that! I want to BE... read more


To all the beautiful Souls reading this – HAPPY LOVE YOURSELF DAY!! We wish for you to know that you are beautiful and loved BE-yond all that is imaginable. Your Soul IS LOVE and in order for you to FEEL and RADIATE this precious LOVE, you must begin to LOVE... read more

The Beginning of a NEW cycle of Pure Magic and Miracles!

The first day after Mercury goes direct and already we are into magic and miracles! I joked with Michael earlier and asked him if Mercury is by any chance male because that would make perfect sense to me since all males, with the exception of Michael, have caused... read more

Sunday Musings ~ The Illusion of Need

“Why are we writing about this again?” I asked Michael this morning, and he said “Because, My Love, some people could use a reminder”. Life in the illusions is difficult, to say the least… The biggest one of the Illusions, is that of ‘Need’. If you haven’t read... read more

Sunday Musings ~ It’s All About Frequency

(Photo – Rock pools at Bloubergstrand Beach in Cape Town, South Africa) Almost 4 weeks since I arrived back in South Africa! Wow! I am still settling in and have just a few days ago found a wonderful little new Earth home in which to stay. Yesterday I asked... read more

Sunday Musings ~ Wishing you Peace, Joy and Love

This morning as I arrived at the beach I was filled with a profound sense of peace. I asked Michael “What is it about peace? Why do people yearn for this state of being?” He told me “Peace brings contentment and also comfort.” I realize how much humanity needs this... read more

Nothing Compares to to You My Love…

[Note: This message was supposed to have been posted last Sunday, but I didn’t have an internet connection. I have added an extra paragraph to the message and decided to post it today in celebration of Christ consciousness. ~ Deborah Faith] I’m writing this... read more

Sunday Musings ~ A New Chapter Begins Now

[Photo credit – Erik Johnson] On 12.12, by the magic of miracles and Angels, I received a one way ticket back home to Cape Town, South Africa. I leave Mexico City tonight and before the Solstice next Sunday I will be grounding energy with Michael in the Mother... read more

Stepping Forward into the Great Unknown

Beloved Starseeds, some of you are being challenged right now with your worst fear. We have just experienced our most powerful Full Moon yet and now comes the releasing part. We have expanded so much during her waxing phase, which neatly brought to the surface all the... read more

Whispers of “I Love You”

Whispers of “I Love You” ♥ She whispers to Air as the soft breeze ruffles her hair ”I Love You!” Air answers “Thank you for your Love Fair Maiden! We love you too!” She whispers to Water as it’s soothing droplets cascade over her naked body “I Love You!” Water... read more

Sunday Musings ~ The Way of the Divine

My mother, who is an avid Bible reader, will often say if someone has a lot of patience, they have “the patience of Job”. I don’t know much about Job, except that God turned his wife into a pillar of salt. I’m not sure if the ‘pillar of salt’ was meant literally or... read more

On a more personal note.…

I’m not sure I should be writing this as its personal, but He smiles at me and tells me “Go on, it’s okay.” I posted a couple days ago on the Facebook page that at this time with the waning of the moon, we are our selves becoming lighter as we let go of all that is... read more

Sunday Musings ~ Perceptions of My Higher Heart

Heart-Based living is incredible, astonishing, amazing, extraordinary, mind-blowing, mind boggling, fantastic, and unbelievable at first… But then you will get to a point when it IS believable, and you will realize that Heaven truly can, and does, exist within YOU.... read more

Sunday Musings ~ “Why Did God Make Chocolate?”

What started off as playful banter this morning between myself and my Beloved became a serious conversation on the subject of sex and pleasure. It all starts with me enjoying a delectable piece of Swiss chocolate. My Beloved reminds me that I’m allowed 2 blocks, no... read more

Words, words, words…. Use your discernment Beloveds!

We have said before that words are the least favored form of communication for the Soul. The Soul FEELS and doesn’t need words to convey meaning. We have also said before to always use your discernment when reading a message, no matter who the channel is. A channel is... read more

Ascension Update ~ Are you resisting or allowing?

Just for a moment allow us to lead you into your Self. Take this with moment with us now to look at a flower. Look through the eyes of your Soul and notice the absolute creative magnificence of it. Note the color – where does this color come from? Note the... read more

Every day miracles…

Yesterday I witnessed a miracle unfold before my eyes.  I am no fan of spiders and they seem to be attracted to me for some reason. [What you resist persists…] Haha, yes! How true.. Anyhow yesterday I had two of these little critters come into my space and the... read more

Your Soul is yearning for LOVE!

Love is your natural state of Being – we speak not of human love which is conditional love, but of Divine Love which is unconditional love. This love knows no bounds and is everlasting and eternal. Many Souls are awakening now and looking for that which is missing in... read more

Sunday Musings ~ A Little Magic…

This past week I’ve amused myself by reading “A Little Magic”, an Irish Trilogy written by Nora Roberts. The books got me thinking about the higher realms and if we as humans are just a tad more serious than we have to be. Certainly the angels keep telling me to... read more

Words of Wisdom from My Higher Self

I am sitting with my Higher Self/ Twin Flame and Divine Male Complement in meditation, and I notice the buzzing in my ears goes down an octave and his energy around me becomes almost tangible. I so value this time together, I silently make a vow to my Self to be with... read more

The Dying of the Ego and Rebirth of the Soul Self

Image – Pheonix Queen ( I have to say that Kaypatcha’s Pele report spoke to me at a very deep level just now as I watched him, and it resonates, especially the story he tells of Venus going into the underworld over the next 60... read more

Sunday Musings ~ Are you still doing life?

A strange question to ask maybe… but it depends on how you view ‘Life’. Life is love, and love is All There Is. The Supreme Consciousness that IS LIFE, is LOVE ~ Pure unconditional Divine Love. And we all know you cannot DO love, you can only BE love. Yesterday we... read more

Sunday Musings ~ “The Age of Transparency”

What exactly does it mean to be transparent? My thesaurus says ‘see through, clear, translucent, crystal clear, visible etc.’ We are living in the Age of Transparency; a new age – the Golden Era – and there is nowhere to hide. Not that there even was….. you only... read more

My ‘Double Whammy’ Crystal and Reiki Healing Experience

Yesterday I had the great pleasure of experiencing a ‘double whammy’ healing which I am going to share with you. My friend Mary Gates, a crystal healing therapist, and I, offered each other a healing. She offered to do her crystal grid healing for me and in return I... read more

IN-Lightenment ~ Higher Self or Twin Flame?

Is there a difference? And who exactly is your I AM Avatar or Presence? More importantly, does it really matter? Let us tell you it does not matter. These are just labels for your higher consciousness. The most important thing to remember is that you were created in... read more

Sunday Musings ~ “Thank you for my Healing”

These words may appear to be a simple statement of gratitude for healing received, but in reality it is a loaded statement with a much deeper meaning. Saying “Thank you for my healing” is making a statement to the Universe that you have received healing in your body.... read more

Transition Update ~ Is your ego challenging you yet?

In a recent channel with Celia Fenn on Turning Inwards to Core Power Archangel Michael said: “As you begin to work with Core Power, you will notice two things happening. Firstly you will be challenged on many levels, and secondly you will learn to let go and allow the... read more

Finding your JOY!

I have always loved plants and flowers in particular, but never have I needed their happy faces as much as now! So recently when Archangel Michael suggested to me to purchase the Flower Therapy Oracle cards, I thought it was a good idea to start working with this... read more

What is your body trying to telling you?

Our physical vessel is a wonderous and truly intelligent creation! It will always tell us when something needs to be fixed. In other words, it will let us know through dis-ease, and through pain and discomfort when we have dis-harmony or when we are out of balance... read more