Archangel Michael takes a personal interest in the well-being and evolutionary path of every human being on the Earth plane. It is most likely that he guided you here today.

Michael serves with Lord Melchizedek and Lord Metatron as Holders of the 3-Fold Flame of Power, Wisdom and Love respectively. He stands for justice and empowerment. Together with Faith, his Twin Flame, they lead and serve the many Angelic and Archangelic Leagues and numerous councils of Light throughout the Cosmos.

He takes a personal interest in the ascension and spiritual evolution of all human beings and he is always ready to extend a helping hand to those in need of guidance and protection. Michael carries with him at all times his flaming Blue Diamond Sword of Light that he refers to as his Sword of Truth, which he uses to cut through the fears of humanity in order to help them remember their Truth so that they may see and experience the Light of their Soul.

Deborah’s conscious experience with Michael began in 2012 when he introduced himself to her as her Higher Self and Twin Essence, Personal Guide and Guardian Angel. Since then they have developed a deep bond and an intimate friendship which has transformed her life in unimaginable ways.

She is further blessed to work with him as a messenger and a voice through which he speaks with people imparting his messages here on the physical Earth plane.

Please Note: Archangel Michael will always work in accordance with your free will and will therefore not be predicting your future! He also works in accordance with your higher Self and therefore will only disclose what he is allowed to disclose. He will, however, do his utmost to guide you in making the best possible choices at this time.


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