A S C E N S I O N   S U P P O R T   /  M E N T O R I N G   S E S S I O N S

We know from experience how lonely your Spiritual journey can be once you’ve awakened. Sometimes there is no one you know who can relate to your experiences, no friends and no family who will understand what you are going through and with whom you can talk. Our aim is to be there for you during your awakening process and to help you and guide you along your journey to enlightenment.

Your best and most trustworthy guide is always the One within you, meaning you own Higher Self and Soul, but we know that when you are in the midst of what can feel like an energetic or personal crisis, it can be difficult to maintain clear contact with your inner guidance. Therefore, at times like these, please do reach out to us. Archangel Michael and myself are always ready to extend a helping hand.

The sessions are available online via a Skype to Skype call. You may want to book sessions in advance, a weekly session or a fortnightly session or a session once a month. It’s up to you. Please make your selection below and we will get back to you with an available date and time.

During each session you will receive an energy healing from the Archangels.

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