The Electric Blue Light of Michael

In the middle of the night about 2 years ago during the Equinox of 2015, I became physically ill and had to get out of bed to go to the bathroom. I often go an through intense physical purging or detox of old energies whenever there is a huge influx of new light codes, like during the Equinox, Eclipse and Solstice alignments. This time I felt very weak and was overcome by dizzyness so that I had to lay down on the floor of my bathroom. I must have lain there for about half an hour at least before I felt strong enough to get up and walk back to my bedroom. When I felt ready I got up and holding onto the wall for support, I made my way back to my bedroom. As I pushed the door of my bedroom open, I was surprised beyond belief! My entire room was bathed in electric blue light! I fell onto my bed and just lay there soaking in this beautiful light. I knew Michael was with me as always, and it was so comforting to see and experience his magnificent Light!

Thank you Michael!


The Feather

In October of 2012 I had a dream that felt so incredibly real. In the dream a large dark ominous looking ‘thing’ was moving towards me. I was terrified and screamed out Michael’s name 3 times and the next thing I knew I was being physically lifted out of the dream. I woke up safe and sound in my bed and as I turned the light on I noticed the most perfect white feather I’d ever laid eyes on. It had been carefully placed on my side table, where he was sure it wouldn’t go unnoticed. I knew then that he’d saved me! What I didn’t know at the time was that he’d saved me from a figment of my mind and over active imagination. I had been listening to the fear-filled stories of my online friends and these stories had released a deep seated fear for demons which had been installed within my psyche from a young age.

Over the next couple of months Michael patiently worked with me helping me to overcome my fears. He taught me there is nothing to fear except fear itself and even then it shouldn’t be feared because fear is an illusion. Only love is real! He showed me how powerful the human mind can be.

Since then he’s never left my side. He’s been my confidant, my mentor and closest friend. He taught me about unconditional love and he continues to guide me in every area of my life.

Finding the Perfect Car

In 2010 I had to sell my car and buy a cheaper one due to the bank wanting a final residual payment of much more than I could afford at the time. I was not in a position to re-finance this portion because I didn’t have permanent employment. So I sadly had to give up my beautiful car that I’d bought brand new out of the showroom 5 years previously. I was also very worried that I wouldn’t be able to buy a cheap second hand car that would be reliable. As a single woman I mostly drove alone and living in South Africa, it’s a risk driving at night on your own. But I had no other choice available to me, I had to sell. I was prepared to spend half of what I would make on my existing car, which would leave me with enough cash to live on for a few months. For this I was grateful. I was easily able to sell my car and the only challenge I had remaining was to find a reliable second hand car at the price I was willing to pay.

I knew that I needed help, so I decided to put the intention out into the Universe to bring me the perfect car. I visited a second-hand car dealership and test drove some of the cars that were in my price range. They were terrible and I began to lose hope. The very next day I came across an advert for a car just down the road from where I lived. I phoned the owner and arranged to meet with him the following day. When I saw the car I was amazed at how perfect it looked! The body work was in perfect condition and it had a powerful motor, plus air-conditioning. Everything I’d hoped for actually! I couldn’t believe the price either. The owner told me he knew he could get more, but he was in a hurry to sell as he was immigrating to Australia in the next couple days and the sale was therefore urgent. While I was there other people arrived to look at the car also, but I knew intuitively that this car was meant for me. The owner also seemed keen that I take over ownership of his beloved car! So the deal was done and he came with me the day I sold mine and even helped me register his car in my name. At the time I didn’t know Michael’s hand was in on the deal, but I know now that it was him who found the car for me and it was him also that prompted the owner to sell his car to me and no one else. Thank you Archangel Michael!

A Surprise Offer of Accommodation

In 2011 I was more or less evicted from my apartment. The landlord was unhappy that I was continually paying my rent late and he decided not to renew my lease. At the time I was devastated. I had nowhere to go and no extra money to pay deposit on a new apartment. I called a close friend who at the time was doing her law degree and I asked her if she would look over the terms of my lease to make sure my landlord was within his rights. She told me to come over later that day so we could chat. While she looked over the lease agreement, I felt a sense of calm pervade me. I knew that everything would be okay. She said, “You know what Debbie? We can fight this landlord of yours, but there is no point. He has the right to not renew your lease and he is exercising his right. I advise you to let it go.” The next thing she said shocked me. “Don’t worry about finding a place to stay right now, I have a furnished apartment you can use for the next couple months.” I ended up living in that apartment for 5 months and it cost me not one penny.

When I look back I see Michael’s intervention. I’d set the intention some time before to travel to Mexico, and I was waiting for a private consulting job to come in to pay for the trip. Living in that apartment rent-free paid for my air ticket to Mexico. While I lived there the private consulting job that I’d been waiting for came through, and I ended up being paid much more money than I’d anticipated. At the time I didn’t know it was Archangel Michael who’d had his hand in the whole deal, but I know now without a shadow of doubt, it was him.

The Spider

Yesterday I witnessed a miracle unfold before my eyes. I am no fan of spiders but they seem to be attracted to me for some reason. What you resist persists…What you fear draws near! Ha ha! Yes, how true.. Anyhow yesterday I had two of these little critters come into my space and the one I picked up in a tissue and carried outside, but the other was high up on the wall in my bedroom. Since I detest the use of insect sprays, I pointed to the door and told the spider “Out!” I stood watching it, tissue in hand. Michael said to me “He will not hurt you.” Then something amazing happened…. The spider walked onto the ceiling and started moving in a perfect diagonal line towards the door! He crossed the entire ceiling heading straight for the door. I stood watching in amazement! How did he know where the door was? I opened the door and watched as he got to the metal door frame. He stood there for a moment, and then climbed over it and went out the door. I too went out, and watched as he walked up the outside wall. Wow! I just witnessed a miracle, I thought!

Does this statement Michael made make more sense now? “We are all inter-connected via our One Supreme Unity Consciousness. We are All Things. There is nothing that is not us, and nothing that we cannot be.”

We are the mosquito, the spider, the drop of rain, the snowflake, the flower and the tree. Now you will understand the name of God “I AM That I AM”. This is YOUR name also.

Yes, we are all things. We are Life [Love] manifested in all its forms, and there is nothing we cannot be. No form that we cannot take. As such, we exist on all levels of Creation. This is the nature of Oneness. When we see Ourselves manifested as Life everywhere, we will truly know Ourselves as One. Then we will see All of Life as BE-ing Sacred. Then we will know Ourselves to BE Sacred also, and we will treat our Self and our bodies and everyone else and every other living thing with love and respect. We will honor the Sacred Spark of the Divine that exists within us.

An Encounter with Mexican Officials

I was traveling in the south of Mexico on a bus when it was pulled over by officials. They do that a lot in Mexico, especially with buses to check for drugs. A woman official boarded the bus and asked for my passport. Then she asked me to step off the bus. Outside 2 men were waiting and they inspected my passport. They then proceeded to explain to me that my entry visa had expired! I’d had no idea! I was suddenly filled with dread of being arrested and landing up in a Mexican prison cell! I had trouble communicating with the officials because my Spanish is very limited. I felt the officials begin to lose patience with me.  I silently called to Michael and said, “Michael, help me please!”  The next thing I knew, they became totally relaxed and they smiled at me. The gave me back my passport and told me to get back on the bus. I was amazed! I still tried to explain to them that I would get it sorted out, but they didn’t want to hear. They told me, “Its okay, you can go!”  I will never again doubt the power of Archangel Michael!

The Hot Tortilla Pan

I lit the gas fire under a copper tortilla pan one day and forgot about it. I had intended to make a few taco’s but then decided to have a sandwich instead. After a few minutes I picked up the tortilla pan intending to put it away before I left the kitchen, and realized too late that the pan was very very hot! I dropped the pan and looked at my hand and saw red marks, but no burns and no pain. My hand was not burned! For a few days my hand was tender. I was incredibly grateful for his intervention that day. I intuitively knew that he had placed his energy between the hot pan and my hand, and therefore I’d not been harmed. Thank you Archangel Michael for saving me from a nasty burn!

Super Fast Healing Experiences

Whilst preparing for my Mexico trip I slipped on a plastic carpet protector that had been hiding behind a piece of furniture. I fell with all my weight on my right knee. OMG the pain! I knew intuitively the knee was sprained, and I was dismayed because I had to be out of my apartment in just over a week’s time. Everyone told me to go to the doctor to get my knee checked out. They told me I would need x-rays and that my knee cap could have splintered. But I refused to go to a doctor. Unbelievably, I had no pain unless I put pressure on my knee or tried to bend it. My family brought me a pair of crutches, which helped me to move around. Six weeks later I was walking without them. I knew I would be healed very fast and I never wavered from that belief. To this day I refuse to go to a doctor. Archangel Michael has healed me on many occasions. While in Mexico I sprained my little toe and twisted my ankle and on both occasions I was healed super-fast and walking perfectly within a week. Before that I had an encounter with Montezuma’s revenge, the classic upset stomach whilst in Mexico! I felt I was dying from the cramps and I was tempted to call on Archangel Raphael for healing. Michael told me, “Do you think I cannot heal you?”  I was mortified. I apologized and said, “Of course not… but I’m in so much pain…” He replied, “I know, but soon it will be gone.”  And it was. He has taught me to always bless my food, and I do. I’ve never again had an upset tummy. My Mexican friends are always disinfecting their fruit and vegetables. They tell me, “Debbie you must disinfect strawberries in Mexico!” I tell them, “I am protected, it’s okay!” They look at me in disbelief!

Michael has never let me down yet. Rather, I’ve felt that I’ve let him down on occasion when I’ve doubted him, but he has told me time and time again that I will never disappoint him. His absolute and unconditional love has helped me to overcome any doubts that I had in the past. I will never doubt him again.

Another healing miracle

Late one afternoon about 3 weeks ago (early Nov’14) I burned the inside of my arm on the edge of a hot frying pan. The skin on the inside of your arm is sensitive skin and the pain was nasty. I was so distressed and going through some transition side effects at the time also, and I really needed a good night’s sleep. Not sure how I would do this with a painful burn on my arm, I became even more distressed. I tried everything for the first hour to relieve the sting. Lavender Oil, which I know is supposed to help relieve burns, but that didn’t help. I laid crystals on the burn which helped a little to relieve the heat. After about an hour Michael said to me “Give me your arm, let me fix you.” I lay down on my bed and stretched my arm out for him. I felt his energy working on the burn and within an hour I had no more pain. I was able to sleep comfortably and within 2 weeks I had new skin where the burn had been.

The healing of my dysfunctional thyroid

In 1990 my thyroid became hyperactive – a condition known as hyperthyroidism. After consulting with a specialist doctor it was decided that the only treatment available to me was to have radio active iodine treatment, which he said would help restore it to balance. As it turned out, my specialist doctor miscalculated the dosage of the radioactive iodine and I was given too much which destroyed all function of my thyroid. I was told that I would have to take chronic medication in the form of Eltroxin for the rest of my life. I was still religiously taking the meds when 22 years later, at the start of 2013, I noticed the signs of hyperthyroidism, indicating that I was taking too much Eltroxin, so I consulted with Archangel Michael who had become a conscious part of my life. He guided me to take only half of my medication. He told me that my thyroid had started to function again and that soon I would not need to take the meds at all! I asked him how can that be? He told me that he had protected a small part of my thyroid the day I’d had the radio active iodine and he had helped this tiny part to begin functioning again. He said that it would grow larger and eventually become 100% fully functional. He said he would guide me as to how to continue to reduce my meds. I was amazed! Sure enough, 3 months later, I no longer needed my chronic meds.

This was the first time I’d realized how active he had been in my life without me even knowing it.

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