A R C H A N G E L   M I C H A E L  C A R D   R E A D I N G S

The Angels are God’s messengers and I am deeply honored and grateful to be able to pass on their messages to you by way of these readings. Archangel Michael is my Intuitive and Principal Guide and Guardian Angel and he will always ensure you receive messages that will guide you in your life and present circumstances. You will be allowed to ask 2 questions which will be answered in the manner most appropriate for your highest and best good.

Angels will also help you to become aware of your own Spirituality and your Divine Life’s Purpose for being here. With an open heart and mind they will guide and support you in every aspect of your life.

NOTE: These card readings do not serve as a prediction for the future.

To book your Archangel Michael Card reading please make your choice below:

Three (3) Angel Card Detailed Reading via Skype or Email (30 Mins) – US$60.00

One (1) Angel Card Reading via Email – US$20.00

archangel Michael angel card reading

Hi Debbie: I was so excited to see your message this morning! Yes, a lot of this reading did resonate with me. I’ve always thought that I might be an empath due to my highly sensitive nature, but thanks to you, now I have a clear confirmation. I’m looking forward to working with these two Archangels you had mentioned and plan on getting a clear quartz crystal pendant to wear for protection. I just wanted to thank you again for your kindness and generosity. This was a lot more information than I had expected and I’m very grateful to you for all of the time and effort it took for you to prepare it.

~ Elizabeth

Oh wow !! Theses cards DO resonate with me😇 The last card is the answer to my question for the last couple of months. I would love to use my gifts to help others but not sure because of fear. Thank you so very much for the reading. Each card is an answer to my question. God bless you! 😇😇😇

~ Kathleen

Debbie, Thank you so much for the Angel card reading! It brought me peace!

~ Pam

Resonates deep ♥ thank you so much.

~ Janelle

Yippee! I am smiling too.Wonderful support. Deeply grateful to you and to our Magnificent Spiritual helpers. Love, love, love.

~ Claire

Thanks Debbie 🙂 They are very straight forward the angels and very much aligned with what I have felt (clairstentience) 🙂 Its so funny, that you should mention the crystal Citrine – because I actually used to have a necklace with it a couple of years ago, and when it broke I missed it – so I have just gotten a new one two months ago in Sri Lanka (actually a gift, that I didn’t expect), and I feel like it supports me and protects me against the densest energy 🙂

~ Simon

Thank you so much! This is perfect, thank you! As I read I felt spirit touching my crown chakra and funnily enough a friend gave me a large lapis lazuli pendant for my birthday in April too. Trust is definitely what I am needing, life has been a rollercoaster this past few months. I have been at a development circle since October and felt like everyone else was progressing but I wasn’t and now realise perhaps my own inner voice has been speaking I simply have not been paying attention. Thank you!

~ Kelly

Wow Debbie, I really resonated with this reading. I have been really emotional, this hit home. Thanks for all that you do! Namaste

~ Nicole

Thank you beautiful guidance. love and blessings.

~ Cindy

Thank you so much for the in-depth reading. Really appreciated! God bless u always!!

~ Shiksha