Spiritual Ascension

This book is intended as a guideline to help you in your ascension and transformation process as you merge in consciousness with your Higher Soul Self and Divine Source energy.

Let us assist you now on your journey of transformation. It is to Love that we will guide you, and it is in your Heart that we will help you stay so that you too can experience a life of Blissful Union with the Divine that is within You. All of the meditations and energy transmissions below are guided and energetically encoded by Archangel Michael.



Hi Debbie!  I just wanted to thank you so much for the content of your book!  For me, your book possesses undoubtedly the most amazing, soul-opening, incredibly beautiful words I have ever read in my life! I’ve read many other inspiring things in the past and in the present, but the words in your book are of the highest magnitude.
I especially liked all the references you make to the Light.  Twenty-five years ago I had a very strong spiritual experience, and since then I’ve always called God by the name of Light.  To me it has always made sense.  I guess that is the Pleiadian in me!  And reading about the Light in your book was so moving to me.
So thank you, thank you, thank you so much for these words Debbie!  I will re-read them many times!

I listened to the first meditation too.  It was also amazing.  I felt very humbled that the Archangels, Masters and other Beings of Light were called to my aid.

When you spoke about focusing on a part of the body where one needs help and that it would become warm, I focused on my thyroid (since I’ve had trouble with hypothyroidism for many years now) and sure enough, I could feel the warmth in my throat.  So I know my thyroid is being healed too!
All I can say is that I can’t be thankful enough to the Archangels, the Masters, the other Beings and you Debbie for all the help.
~ Elise

Step 1 - A Return To Love ~ Healing All That is Not Love - Meditation & Energy Transmission

meIn this guided meditation and energy transmission we use the powerfully transforming energy of the Diamond Light through the healing modality Reiki. This Universal Force of Divine Love energy will help clear negative ego/human programming that has accumulated throughout this and other incarnations on this and other realms and dimensions within the Space/Time continuum. It is necessary for this dissonant (out of resonance) energy to be healed and cleared in order for you to move forward in your Soul’s evolution, so that you may experience yourself moving into the next octave of your Greatness, and accomplish with ease and grace all you have set out to accomplish in your physical Earth journey.

Know that in this energy transmission you will be guided and assisted by the Archangels and the Ascended Healing Masters who have chosen to come forward to assist you in your transformation process.

All is Love, and we will help you to clear all that is not love in this energy transmission. This energy is gentle and non-invasive. You can listen to this energy transmission as many times a day as you like as it is perfectly safe. Each time you listen, you allow the energy to go deeper and deeper, as if it were peeling away the layers of an onion.


Step 2 - Connect with your Higher Self & Source Energy - Meditation & Energy Transmission

peace of mindIn this second energy transmission you will be led in guided meditation to make an energetic connection with your Higher Self and Source energy through your High Heart (Thymus) chakra or energy center. We call this your Sacred Heart center because your High Heart chakra is a major focus point throughout your ascension, and acts as a portal, corridor or gateway into your Higher Consciousness and Higher Self. You will learn that it is important to focus your awareness in your Spiritual and Sacred Heart because it is through this energy center that you will get to know your True Self and gain awareness of your true purpose. It is here that you will develop a close and profound spiritual relationship and friendship with your Higher Self and Consciousness which will literally carry and support you throughout your Ascension journey into the next octave of your Souls evolution.

When you are sitting in meditation focusing your attention withIN your Body and High Heart you are in Divine Presence and in direct communion with your Higher Self and your Infinite Source of Love, Joy, Peace, Abundance, Wisdom and Creativity.

Archangel Michael will be energetically assisting you throughout the meditation and energy transmission to connect at a deeper level with your Higher Self.

It is important also that you listen to the 1st transmission because Archangel Michael will continue to facilitate your healing and therefore help you release the negative (ego/human) programming that is standing in the way of your knowing your Higher Soul Self and the True Essence of Being. We would like to suggest you listen to both transmissions as often as you are guided.


I just wanted to tell you how wonderful the High Self Meditation has been to me. I’ve only done it two times now. The first time it felt so powerful!  I was left gasping for breath when I finished it.  And the second time was just beautiful.  When I finished it, when your voice ended, I just wanted to keep being in that state where it had led me… I didn’t want to leave… so I stayed for some more time just like that… there was so much beauty, love and peace… In a couple of hours I will listen to it again.  I am so excited and so thankful!
~ Elise

Step 3 - Experience Your Self as Pure Love & Light ~ The Ascension into Higher Consciousness

tumblr_mrn3y3AjoL1s1fji4o1_500 In this meditation you will be guided on forming an even deeper connection to your Higher Self and Source energy. At this stage in your Ascension you will experience yourself in your 5th and 6th dimensional consciousness and learn how to maintain your frequency at the highest level at all times. You will be merging energetically with your Source energy daily and be in direct and constant communication with your Higher Self. You will have already established a deep and profound relationship and friendship with your Higher Self and now you will begin to reap the rewards.

This final stage is symbolic of the Resurrection / Ascension – the rising up and the bridging of the physical with the Divine aspects of your Self. This is the stage where you will begin to experience yourself as Pure Love & Light.


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