Journey to the Blue Flame Diamond Temple of the Will of God


It was in answer to a cry of Love that we found ourselves here, willingly and in complete service to this beautiful Blue Planet named Earth. She became our Earthly Mother and has sustained our life here for many eons of time, even when we ourselves fell into darkness. She cries out to you again. Will you listen?

Blue Flame Meditation Journey to the Diamond Temple of the Will of God nestled in the Himalaya Mountains in Darjeeling, India


The Will of God is the attribute of God that will take you all the way home through its divine grace. When you decide to make a real commitment to your ascension and to your spiritual journey you must be willing to pass the tests of surrender to Divine Will. God does not really want to test you. His love is unconditional. But when you are willing to surrender your will to the Will of God, the universe responds rather quickly to help you to achieve this goal. The minute you make a consistent commitment to your God Presence to totally surrender to the process, your Presence will guide you to the fastest and smoothest way possible to obtain the object of your desire, and literally opens the doors to “Everything”!

When you put yourself into a state of total trust, the Universe responds, and starts providing immediately.

If you want to learn how you can assist your planet, the most important thing to do is to let go of your own fears, surrender with Love to what is, and let go of all judgment. The more you can do this and succeed, and encourage others to do the same, the greater will be the pathway you are creating for yourself and for the rest of humanity.

You can best serve your planet by clearing yourself first.

It is not that God tests you for the sake of throwing curve balls at you simply to be malicious. The testing is an opportunity you invite for the sake of clearing and balancing negativity you have created in the past. For the sake of accelerating your spiritual growth, you request the testing so that healing can take place.

The release of all suffering is also a releasing from the shackles that have bound you to the laws of gravity. Through its release you begin to experience the laws of levitation as you are lifted up – Lighter – and Luminous in the experience of Self.

If you can be self-luminous in a hundred years, YOU CAN ALSO BE SELF LUMINOUS NOW!  

~ Beloved Ascended Master El Morya

In this beautiful healing meditation journey to the Sacred Blue Flame Temple you will be accompanied by Archangel Michael and his team of Blue Flame Angels, as well as the Master El Morya. You will be given the opportunity to receive a most precious gift from Master El Morya.  This magnificent gift is one you will treasure along your ascension journey as it will amplify and bless your life the more you use it to release your fears.

If you truly knew what awaits you on the other side of the veil, you would not hesitate for one more second. You will commit yourself to this journey 100% for truly you have suffered enough, as has your Earthly Mother.

We bless you and honor you no matter what you decide. But know that for those of you who make a conscious choice to commit fully to your ascension in this current lifetime, you will be assisted all the way Home. For each step you take, we will be there urging you on.

We await you with bated breath and our arms open wide in love and gratitude.

I urge you to do whatever you can to assist the Ascension of our beloved Mother Earth and your own Ascension in the Light. Bring our Earth back home, bring the little four-footed creatures and all that lives back home for Saint Germain’s sake, that this Earth may become Freedom’s Holy Star!

~ Beloved Ascended Master El Morya

To Purchase the Mp3 recording for $11.00 please click on the link below:

More information on the Seven Sacred Flames written by Aurelia Louise Jones is obtainable through her book HERE.

Music ~ “The Blue Flame” by Michael Hammer.

Dear Debbie,

Thank you for this beautiful gift! I am soooo grateful I love these meditations wow so BEAUTIFUL thank you from my whole heart ♥

Love and Light,

Mary - CA, USA

Divine Healing with Mary

Darling Debbie,

I just had to write to say that the Meditation was Out Of This World!

Everything about it IS sublime.  The whole format: the background music; your enchanting and beautiful way of talking and carrying us through the meditation.  The pace is perfection; the overall sentience and “potency” of that which is being conveyed is channelled through beautifully.

Personally speaking/feeling, I could feel that energy in my Heart centre so apparently and the heat going from Heart to Hands!!!!  I find that during the day I can so easily tune-into this beautiful diamond – it instantly felt so a part of my self.

In -Love and -Light and Sheer -Joy to You and Yours!

RS - Spain

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