Dear Readers,

Living mindfully means living consciously, being aware in every moment what you are thinking, speaking or doing. It means to become Christ Conscious and to live and breathe as though Spirit is living and breathing in and through and around you, and that is indeed the case anyway! Doesn’t this knowing now give more credence to living mindfully? Doesn’t it give your life substance and provide meaningful purpose? Can you at this point of knowing, still continue to live your life on automatic?

Thich Nhat Hanh said, “Living mindfully, slowing one’s pace and enjoying every second and every breath, that is enough.”

Choosing where to expend your energy is the next stage in your transformation. Becoming mindful instead of being in autopilot mode, is where you are headed. In order to maintain frequency in the lower octaves of the 5th dimension, in which many of you are quite comfortably attaining at this point, is the new point of focus in your transition as an ascending Spiritual Being.

Fluctuating frequencies in your energy field and body create the ‘yo-yo effect’ in your everyday life which results in unpleasant experiences, and ultimately in suffering.

So how do you live mindfully and in full awareness of Being?

Become still and aware of your breath.  This is one of the most fundamental steps to becoming mindful. Practice deep breathing at various intervals during your day helps to keep the Prana flowing. Prana is the Life Force, the Flow of divine energy that animates your physical form and that keeps the energy flowing through your chakras and meridians.  Shallow breathing cannot move though the residues of blocked energy and clear it for you!

Movement is also a fundamental step, but we’re speaking here of conscious movement. Mindful movement with purpose. Where you place your focus and intention is where you are placing your energy. So gentle but powerful breath techniques involving movement, such as Yoga, are fundamental to the flow of Prana throughout your energy Body and helps towards becoming mindful and conscious of Being.  Movement also awakens your brain and releases endorphins that cause you to feel contentment and happiness.

The same can be said of sound! Of course sound is one of the fundamental elements of being able to maintain Presence, and by that we mean anchored in the here and now – in the Heart and Soul of Being.

Living in Presence is mindful living. It is resourceful living because it provides you with everything you need to thrive here. Let us understand the deeper meaning of the word “resourceful” –

Re – is the aspect of Self that replenishes / recharges / revitalizes;

Source – is the Creator / Supreme Creative Intelligence aspect of Self which is infinitely wise and all powerful;

Ful – moves you into the fullness of the Flow of Creation, the Abundant aspect of Self.

Many of you are experiencing yourselves as multi-dimensional but are not able to manage and maintain frequency in the higher octaves. We are here to assure you that it is possible for you to maintain awareness in your higher dimensional reality whilst moving in and through the lower dimensions. In other words, to be in the world, but not of it. Knowing yourself as a Being that resides in the higher octaves of your reality, whilst still being able to move in the outer world around you which is so often chaotic. It means to be in the eye of the storm, be in the Stillness where you are in communion and conscious contact with your I AM.

Your I AM is your Christed Self, the Consciousness you are moving towards becoming and embodying here in your physical Earth reality. It behooves you to strengthen your connection to this part of your Self dear Ones. It will provide you with a sense of peace and fulfilment, and provide you with the strength needed to fulfil your Soul’s purpose with absolute ease and grace. And it will cause you to FEEL love and joyfulness!

We Love You!


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