How to deal with obstacles and other negative experiences in your life

I read a small book the other day called “Sons of God” and it’s about gratitude, about expressing gratitude for everything, the good, the bad and the ugly! This can be difficult because we naturally oppose that which we don’t like to feel and experience. But when we can look at those things from a higher perspective, from the perspective of the Soul Self, instead of our panicky and judging small ego self, then we can learn from them and not oppose them. This is called being the Observer as opposed to being the Victim. It’s like the bad stuff just wants acknowledgment from you, for your part in its creation. It’s like its saying to you “LOOK AT ME!! Stop opposing me, stop resisting me!” Once we can do that, we can move past it, and give thanks for the experience it gives us, without being drawn into its drama. See?

So we say to the negative experiences and obstacles which we don’t want in our lives, “Thank you for showing up!”, and “Yes, I created you and I am grateful for the experience you have given me, but I am not you, I am Light! Therefore I can now release you into the Light of Love, into That Which I AM!”

Try it! Try being the Observer, and fully open yourself to the experience at hand, whatever that experience may be. Let the thoughts come and go, just notice them, and don’t engage in them. This lifts your awareness from the small self into that aspect of the Greater Self that is the real you, your Soul Self, and you won’t be dragged down by these negative experiences anymore. Then just BE open, and let the love flow into your heart, and allow it all to just unfold for you, allow it to happen.

Call in the blessings and absolute Love that IS your divine birthright and the gift your REAL YOU has waiting in store for you! This Love will raise your frequency and bring you into greater alignment with the Mind of God and your Soul’s yearning, and you will find peace.

When you’re out of the “struggle mode”, then in a sense you loosen the ties that bind, and the shackles (chains) that keep you in victim mode and the feelings of being all lost and alone, unsupported etc. Once the chains are loosened, your higher Self can get through to you and guide you through the small soft voice of your intuition.

Your Higher Self is always there, waiting in the wings, waiting for you to accept its grace.When you take on the part of the Observer as opposed to the Victim, you align yourself to your Purpose of Being, and thereby open the doors to the blessings and miracles which are your daily bread.

We love you!


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