Freedom is…

At the end of struggle lies freedom. This is not a new concept…. it is something people have read about and been made aware of through various books and teachings and yet most people still choose the struggle.  People have been ingrained, programmed and entrained with the idea that nothing can be achieved through effortlessness, and it is only through effort that results are gained. One cannot sit back and do nothing! One needs to do something doesn’t one? Some people even feel guilt doing nothing. Doing nothing is equated with laziness and people know that working hard at something is the only way to achieve results…. or is it?
People are taught to resist and persist against something instead of just letting go… and allowing it all to unfold in effortless grace.

When things succeed easily and all you need appears spontaneously on your path,
it is a sign that you are going with the flow of your heart.
~ Jeshua

Think of being caught in a net. The more you struggle to free yourself the more you become entangled. If you just let go and relax, the net will naturally loosen and you will become free. It’s natural law. What you struggle against worsens because you are fighting against natural law, against Flow. By letting go you allow Flow to step in and take over. Nature works with you, in fact all of life works with you, effortlessly, to create the best outcome. Your only job is allow and to let go of your expected outcome. Despite what you may think…you (your human self) do not know what is best for you, nor do you know which outcome would work towards helping you achieving your greatest good.

The question is can you trust this process totally and completely?  Most people can’t. It takes huge amounts of faith to trust fully and completely, yet if you understood the laws of nature and the true Essence of Flow, then you will realise that effort and struggle just create resistance which results in suffering and blocks you from receiving the freedom you desire.

Being in the space of open acceptance and allowing produces Spiritual alchemy. There is no other word for it. Magic happens! Spiritual alchemy is unconditional Love in action.

Therefore BE whole and free!

One of the ways you can achieve this is through working with the Blue Flame of the First Ray, which is dedicated to establishing the Will of God here on Earth. It is God’s will that you live in peace and harmony, without struggle, without conflict and in total freedom to enjoy the abundance that comes with being in the Flow of Creation.

By using your imagination, you can bring in the energy of the Blue Flame into your experience and energy matrix.

“It is through the power of imagination that experience is created.” ~ Michael

Go within and center yourself in your heart space. Through the power of your I AM Presence invoke the Flame of the Blue Ray into your energy matrix. Ask it to envelop your entire being, every cell, atom, and electron, filling your mind body and soul with its powerful energy. Through the power of your imagination bring the Flame to life within you. Envision it as being several feet in breadth and height, and imagine its powerful energy roaring within you, awakening every aspect of yourself to your inner divinity. Ask that the Flame fill those aspects of yourself that are still holding pockets of darkness, filling them with love. Ask the Flame to stay with you, giving you its power and strength throughout your day.

There is no limit to any of the Sacred Flames, so please use your imagination to create whatever it is you are needing in your present reality. Remember it is through your conscious creation that the reality of your choosing is experienced.

You all have this power within you, but you do not know how to give it direction. It is only when you are out of the energy of struggle (ie fear) and in the Flow, that your I AM Presence can reach you, and guide you Home to be the true Essence of Who You Truly are, which is a powerful Spiritual being living a material reality.


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