Did you know that each new day is your birth day? Yes it is! Each day you are birthed into a new you! Nothing ever stays the same, energy is always changing and so are you!

Every day you are gifted with a new opportunity for you to experience life in a more expanded way. Pledge today to open your heart a little more. Tell yourself “I love you!”. Smile more, let the love flow!

Don’t let anything stop you from experiencing the bliss and joy of life this new day brings you.

Let the unpleasantries go. Turn the other cheek. Speak less. Feel more. React less. Create more. Give more. Be the silent observer.

Let go and let God.

Make today ridiculously awesome! It is your day and you get to decide how you wish to experience it!

Give your burdens to the angels. Walk in nature or watch a nature documentary. Speak to the Trees. Admire the beauty and perfection of a single flower.

There is no end to what you can do today to make your day awesome and extraordinary! Its your day!

Happy Birthday My Love!

I Love You!




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