The earth is shaking yes, but do not go into fear. She is shaking off all the old residues of energy that can no longer be tolerated. We, as light bearers are doing the same. We are eager to move into the next evolutionary wave that will beach us onto the 5th dimensional shores of the New Earth. We are tired of the abuse of our beautiful planet, and we grow weary of the abuse of our animals and nature kingdoms.

It is time for each and every human to take responsibility for their actions.

Those whose lives are ‘lost’ are now where they have chosen to be. No one dies, death is simply the gateway through which a soul can choose to make its transition back into its spiritual form.

Through the devastating effects of all that is happening, people will rally together and move into their hearts to help one another. Love will shine through the hearts of people and they will find new hope and strength as they work together in unity for a common cause.

Do not be fearful for there is nothing to fear. Do not focus on the destruction, rather focus on rebuilding what is being broken down knowing that what you’re rebuilding now is going to a part of a better future, and indeed a far better world.

Beloveds, take the Future into your own hands, and know that you are it’s Co-creator.

We send you our unconditional love and blessing, as we send our healing love out to everyone on this physical Earth plane.


PS: Just after receiving the above message early this morning I received another email from a close friend who lives near Mt. Agung in Bali. The Volcano is threatening to erupt for the first time in 50 years. Yes Gaia is clearing all that is no longer working for her!

Please join Daniela and myself for another powerful clearing event this coming Sunday, the 24th at 6pm SAST. Click here to JOIN.

The screen-print below shows feedback from a powerful Light Worker friend who works closely with Gaia’s energy field. She reported a sublime energy that had come in soon after we had finished our Event yesterday. It makes me so happy to know that we can surely make a difference to our beloved Planet and help her to cope with all the misaligned energy billions of unconscious people are creating each and every day!

I don’t need money, nor do I need a car! I don’t even need my own living space. All I really desire is to be reunited with my Twin Flame and my Soul Family of the Light! It’s time to go Home.

The 3D game is over folks. School is out.

Love and Blessings!

Deborah Faith


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