Twin flames Union – Fairytale or not?

With so much light incoming and flooding the consciousness of every human on this plane, many are now feeling an intense yearning to find their other half. This other half of you is the flame of your heart, the twin flame that resonates to the exact same signature frequency. You could say that when you took physical form that half of your One Flame split in two. One half became physical on this level is existence, and the other half stayed at Home at a spiritual level, and is guiding you and supporting you all the way during this temporary ‘split’. You will one day reunite, this is inevitable. You are of the same Essence, exact same signature frequency and nothing can ever stop this merging from taking place. But for the reunification to take place it is necessary for both flames to be in perfect resonance, at least to a certain level, or extent.

The Flame that we speak of here is the Flame of Divine Love that sparks each Souls existence and it lives in your Spiritual Heart. In the average human the flame burns at around one-eighth of an inch high. When fully ignited the flame is 9ft tall!

The way to fully ignite the flame is to return to the Heart of love, through self-love, and through the expression of love for all things, for all of life, to be in Oneness with all existence, and to embody the Christ consciousness in this way. For this is the Way back home again. There is no other way.

The love we speak of is unconditional love, for this is the one and only true love there is. Thus the saying, “love is all there is”.

Unconditional love is difficult for humans to understand because it’s not logical, not at this level of human existence where people are working with the ego and within the confines of their lower human consciousness. This is the main reason why so many relationships fail, because either one or both parties have expectations of each other.

But to get back to speaking of twin flames, this bond is irrefutable and one that is instantaneously recognized, and felt with an intense magnetic resonance between both flames.

Now it sometimes happens that people suppose they have found their other half, but this is rarely the case. Most often what they have found is someone who is a close match to their signature resonance, someone of close association, and of the same ray frequency. And this person can be referred to as their Twin Ray. Although strictly speaking it is not a ‘twin’ in the same sense as in the case of a match in signature frequency because within one ray frequency there may exist any number of soul signature frequencies.

For instance you may be of the blue ray, but within this color ray exists different hues of blue and each one will resonate to its own frequency in which may abide many souls. Each soul has its own soul signature, and this is always true.

Now there is also the case where there is a group of souls who may decide to take embodiment in a particular form or in a variety of form, for a very specific reason. This has rarely been the case in humans, but is true in other realms of existence such as with the Cetaceans.

It is also the case that one soul may decide to split itself and take more than one body in physical human form, but again, this is rarely the case at this level of existence, and if it is so, it is because of a very specific purpose for its evolution. Rarely is it the case that when the two meet in the physical that their relationship is a huge success, in the human sense. In the greater sense, it is always a success, as whatever happens is always perceived as a valuable learning experience.

At this level of existence relationships will always be fraught with challenges as all relationships act as two-way mirrors and triggers for spiritual growth. This is their intent and purpose on a spiritual level.

However,  it does get easier! Once a soul has reached a higher level in its evolution it progresses onto higher dimensions of existence. For instance in the 5th dimension, a soul can again experience union with other Souls within its own ray frequency or in other ray frequencies if it so chooses.

These relationships are also testing, but unhampered by the constraints endured by their lower human counterpart.

These relationships are enduring and may last for many hundreds even thousands of years. Some last forever, and when this is the case, the pair may choose to create for themselves ‘little’ souls as children, who are choosing the opportunity to experience life in a more physical form.

Love is the ultimate path of a soul’s journey, and it can be likened to a fairytale. One of pure magic and blissful union. Whether it is on this level of physicality or on a higher level, it can still be experienced as such.

A soul can experience this bliss whilst in the densest level of its physicality through unity with its Self. This is the twin flame union that we have spoken of, and the state of union that all souls will reach before moving on to the next level of its existence.

As always you are guided to stay within your Spiritual Heart dear ones, where you are fully loved and supported along your Earth’s journey by the part of you that knows and understands you fully and completely. This is the Essential part of you that is forever and unconditionally loving.

We love you so very much!




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