We are happy to bring you a wonderful Group Clearing Event which we will be hosting with the Dragon Realm and the Angels to bring about and restore harmony and balance within the energy body of Gaia and within our own energy field.

Daniela from Love Mind Matter and myself will be channeling the energy of the Dragons who are powerful transmuters and transformers of negative energy, and bringing in the energy of Archangel Michael and his team of Angels to magnify the clearing on a Planetary scale to benefit both Gaia and your Self!

Daniela is deeply connected with the Elemental Beings and will also be able to bring in a personal message for those interested during the Event.

Dear Readers,
In order for us to cross over the immense bridge of the great divide between the 3rd and 5th dimensions, and to make the huge leap a lasting and permanent one, we must let go of the old karmic residues within old energy patterns of our behaviour.  As difficult as this may be for some, for most of us actually, it is absolutely necessary, and Spirit will keep us in situations that keep triggering these old patterns so that we are given the opportunity to clear them. It is for our own good. There is nothing we’re doing wrong, it’s just that there is so much of this negative stuff to cleanse,  we must not lose heart and lose sight of our common goal.

Recently I’ve been working with Rafundus of the Dragon Realm. He came to me through Daniela who attended a dragon workshop hosted by Alphedia of Elemental Beings. Rafundus has an energy body as well as a crystalline body in the form of a 10 inch black obsidian dragon skull to which Alphedia is given guardianship. I’ve been  working with his energy body and he’s been helping me to clear my inherited karmic residues. The dragons work with us surface dwellers for the specific purpose of clearing the way forward for us so that we too can experience the bliss of a 5th Dimensional life. Because he is so deeply connected with the Earth’s energy body through his own crystalline matrix, he has immense grounding ability to do this work for us quite effortlessly.

A couple days ago I was sitting outside in the sun and Daniela and I were chatting on Skype.  We both had a block between our shoulder blades that was causing us pain and discomfort.  She suggested we call in the help of Rafundus to clear it for us. So we did that and the experience was incredible, within 15 minutes the pain was gone. Rafundus really enjoys working with groups of people, so we asked him if he would be willing to join us in some group work if we could set it up, and he literally jumped for joy at being asked for his help on a group scale, so this is how the event came into being.

More information on Rafundus and Alphedia can be obtained at Elemental Beings

On a more personal note….
I recently received confirmation that I’m a walk-in soul. This change happened with the Equinox in 2012. With the changeover came all of the karmic residues of the old soul which I am still in the process of clearing. These residues stretch back generations and generations over eons in time. There is so much of it that at times I feel totally at a loss and I slip into feelings of hopelessness,  dejection, separation and victim hood.  You can imagine how difficult it has been for me to support myself financially, especially doing the work I choose to do and love, which cannot be done if I allow myself to slip into such a low frequency of vibration.

There are over 1 million walk-in souls who have come in primarily with the sole purpose of anchoring in the 5th dimensional light codes onto the Planet that will enable humanity and all of life here to ascend and transcend the 3rd dimension. Once we have accomplished our common goal, the rest of humanity, over 7 billion, will be lifted higher without having to go through the drudgery that we’re going through.

It is so decreed by the Creator that this cycle, this old timeline on Earth, be closed once and for all. We will take from it only the lessons we have learned, and discard the rest of those records, never to be opened again.

There awaits such greatness in all of you dear ones, of such magnitude that it will take your breath away. This is what we are working towards, heaven on earth, the Gardens of Eden reestablished for all to enjoy and to reap the abundance it holds.

I leave you now in love and gratitude for your support and for the love you have showered on me over the past 5 years. I am so grateful for each and every one of you!
I love you so much!
Namaste 💗
Deborah Faith

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