You are a luminary, a sage, a wise one, a high priestess/high priest, a wizard, and a supreme co-creator! You are a powerful, loving and creative child of God. You are very loved!

Your material needs are taken care of as you step into your power and begin to utilize the energy of Source of ALL Creation. Plug into the Source of All creation, the Source that feeds you and your material needs. It is LOVE Dear Ones! The Source of All is LOVE. Just use the power of IMAGINATION to bring this energy into your energy field daily, hourly if necessary! This infinite Source of energy exists all around you and also within you. You are walking within this energy field daily! This is the power that animates you.

As your spiritual sight awakens you are beginning to ‘see’ through new eyes, the eyes of your Creator. You are gifted with further understanding of the ‘bigger picture’ and the Power that exists behind it, back-stage so to speak.

Now is the time to utilize your power and the power of Source, to start realizing that whatever changes you wish to occur in your life, in your reality, and upon this great Earth, starts with you. All change starts within you. Therefore take stock of your life and notice where you are. Are you happy with your creation? Are you happy with your World? If not then it may be time to take back control of your life and the situation at hand, and begin to co-create with your higher Power, for your own good and the greater good of All.

We are in this together! Yes, even us Angels! We are a part of the Whole, the One Source, the One Heart of All Creation. As above, so below. There are many 5th dimensional beings within your Earth who are helping you work towards a common goal. That of the Ascension of Gaia!

People of the Earth, stand together as One Unit, and pool your resources together. BE of One Mind, One Heart, in your Co-Creative power.

We ALL wish for our Precious Gaia to ascend into her 5th Dimensional Greatness and beyond, just as we wish the same for you!

Know that you can connect in Soul Consciousness with whomever you choose. Choose Dear Ones! It all comes down to choice. Do not be afraid to step forward and to make conscious choices towards your greatness, and towards a greater future where you will know yourselves as great beings of Light, just like us!

Again we say to you: Use the God given power of your IMAGINATION to create a New Earth reality of astounding abundance, joy, peace and harmony.  Prosperity is your birthright Dear Ones!

Open your Spiritual eyes and hearts Dear Ones, and source the power available there for you, just waiting to be harnessed. You have enough power among you and within you to create change within the blink of an eye!


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