Energy Reading for This Week ~ Where Are We In This Now??

The first card that came up is the Perception card, and this is its message: “This marker requires you to contemplate how you look at the world. Through what eyes do you see? Do you peer through those of prejudice or judgment? Are you viewing your present circumstances by projecting your past? This is the time to slow down to observe from all angles. This calls for objectivity and a willingness to examine your life and others’ through a neutral pair of eyes. Within you, awareness is transcending your ego’s separated sense of self. Rise above it—see through your soul and know that things aren’t always what they appear to be. This marker brings clarity and asks you to look and to wait. Perhaps all you need to do is to relax and put on another pair of glasses; then what is in front of you might be magically transformed. Perception is everything. Take no further action until you see how this message applies to your current situation. Then once you’ve shifted your perception, you may find that this was all that you needed to do!”

The Angels are telling me that this card also represents how you see yourself and other people around you. When you look at people, do you see them through your human (ego) eyes, or through the eyes of your Heart? It’s important now to look past the ‘outer’ and look towards the ‘inner’ because then you are looking through the eyes of your Soul and into the heart of the person. In other words, look past the ego and see their true beauty, their inner spark, the inner reflections of their Soul Light. Then there can be no judgment because all you will see is love. Put another way…Are you perceiving yourself and others as a Being of the Light, or do you see the physical only in yourself and others? Your perception must change if you are to move into the higher octaves of your existence where you exist as pure Light and Love.

The second card that came forward is the Grail card, and this one stands for romance, illusion and seeking the sacred. It’s message is, “Romance, and the seeking of that which is sacred—such are the missions of the Grail Knight. He represents the coming together of all elements to form perfect life through a union of heaven and earth; or he signifies a romantic union of lover with lover. In the beginning of all relationships, there’s a time when everything is perfect. One seeks out the discovery of love in the treasures of the other, all the while holding up a mirror in which beauty and perfection are reflected. There is both truth and illusion. When the Grail Knight appears, he lets you know that your own beauty, perfection, and innermost desires may be reflected in the mirror that is held up by the love of another. Indeed, love is in the air. Perhaps it’s also a time for you to fall in love with yourself. If you don’t, you run the risk of attracting the same affirmation from the outside world. Love attracts love. Be love and you shall find love. A gentle warning: Light cannot exist without shadow, so don’t be fooled by the illusion of perfection. Be willing to see the shadow, and ask for honesty. Then you can never be disappointed. This is a fortunate omen.

This card also is also referring to the coming together and the merging now taking place between the Sacred Divine Feminine and Masculine energies that are now more powerful than ever. Our intent and purpose is to fully unite Heaven and Earth, the physical with the spiritual, to unite our Twin Flames to bridge both worlds to reestablish heaven on earth once more. The energy is lined up perfectly now for this to take place, and it IS taking place. If you are not already doing so, please call in the powerful energy of the Sacred Divine Feminine that lives deep within you, to bathe your entire being, every one of your cells, every sub-atomic particle, every energy center, and allow this energy to give you the support and strength needed now to move you into the next octave of your Being-ness.

So where is this all going? The Dog surfaced and I am not surprised.. .His message is Loyalty, sincerity and unconditional love.This cards message is, “The dog is the most loyal animal to human beings. When the Dog appears on your path, he reminds you of this trait. Are you steadfast with your loved ones? Are you true to yourself and your dreams? Do you act with sincerity? It’s very important that you do so now, for good fortune comes with the faithful Dog as your companion. The Dog loves sincerely without conditions, and is happy to be part of a pack. Think about how you function in your community—are you a loyal team player? Another issue the Dog asks you to consider is the loyalty of others. If someone is being insincere, move on because he or she isn’t meant to be in your pack. Ask the Dog for a sign, and your answer will be shown. Dog energy lives in your heart, so look there.”

The angels are telling me that this cards speaks also about our transition into multi-dimensional consciousness. And it is leading us into a life filled with unconditional love, sincerity and the loyalty that can only be experienced in the higher planes of our existence.

This will take place once we are in perfect balance with our Sacred Divine Feminine and Masculine energies and once we’ve let go completely of all the perceptions of the ego, seeing therefore the Divine within all. knowing that all is as it should be. There is more than meets the eye happening here. It is for us to let go and trust that what is happening is for our highest and best good.

Love yourself, and you love the Greater You, your Divine Self, the part of you that is patiently and lovingly waiting for you in the 5th dimension for your return Home into the Heart of Unconditional Love!

The Angels and I love you, and we wish you a most magical weekend!


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