Love vs Fear…

There is love, and love protects, nourishes, cleanses , purifies, feeds and clothes you. Basically love supports you with everything on your Earth journey.

Then there is fear…. and fear tells you you’re vulnerable,  therefore you must not eat that or you will get sick, you must lock your doors or your will be inviting in thieves . Fear tells you you’re dirty and that your world around you is dirty. Fear tells you you need another pair of shoes because yours are too old. Fear tells you you’re not good enough. etc etc..

The gist of it is that you can live a life of joy, enjoying that which makes you feel good and brings you happiness or you can listen to your ego.

The downside is that the more you tune into your ego, the stronger it becomes and the more control it gains over your life.
The ego is not the real you,  it is a personality that you unknowingly created when you found yourself in physical form on Planet Earth.

The power it has, is the power you give it. It has no power of its own.

Read that again… The power it has, is the power you give it. It has no power of its own.

So in order to take your power back you must cease tuning into its low frequency and choose instead to tune into your Spiritual Heart…into Love!


The above is a message I received the other day when I was feeling very stressed out and very unhappy with my life. I quickly realized that if I continue to live outside of my body, and in the confines of my fear based limited ego/mind then I was going to continue suffering and my poor body along with me. So…. the simple fact is there is only one way to living a life of inner peace and contentment and that way is to BE and stay centered IN your Spiritual Heart. Your Higher Self / Twin Flame Essence / I AM Presence, your Guides and Soul Family of the Light cannot easily reach you otherwise.

So PLEASE gift yourself the Key of Life today and go withIN!

If you need help with achieving this, Michael and I do offer online Ascension Support sessions. Please do get in touch with us!

We love you and wish you a warm goeey loving and peaceful day!


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