Energy update – There is an Air of Transparency where ALL is being revealed.

Let us talk about where you’re at currently with your transition. There is an air of transparency now that is affecting all at this juncture and it is permeating everything, every part of life and indeed every part of your life, your existence, both within your human form and within the world around you.

Everything Dear One, everything is a manifestation of consciousness, therefore do not look outside of yourself if something manifests in your life or in your human vessel that causes you discomfort or dis-ease. Always look within and ask yourself the question, “What energy am I holding onto that is manifesting this experience?”

Remember that the human body is a reflection of its consciousness, therefore will bring to your attention all that must be cleared in order for you to move forward freely into the next octave of your greatness.

This is a time where all is being illuminated. All is being revealed for transmutation. This is a time where nothing can be hidden. If there is something within your consciousness that is non-serving it will be illuminated now in order for you see it clearly so you may surrender it to your higher power for transmutation into the Light of Love.

We guide you to develop a keen sense of what is serving you and what is not. Notice when you are in an energy that causes your vibration to drop, and notice the remarkable difference of being in an energy that lifts your vibration and strive to stay in that energy. Learn to discern the difference between the two at all times.  Use whatever means necessary to help yourself stay there, whether that be positive affirmations, communing with nature, listening to music, painting, dancing, singing, playing a musical instrument, serving others etc. There are a multitude of ways in which you can express yourself in a higher vibrational frequency. Express the Love, express the Light within you!

This is the year of your greatness Dear One, and the year in which you will experience yourself as Oneness within the matrix of One Unity Consciousness. For such to occur it is imperative that you let go and surrender all that is of a lower energy and vibration. This is something that we cannot do for you; it has to be done by you. You must choose to effect this change within your consciousness, and in so doing you set in motion the wheels of manifesting this change within and without.

We are always here, always supporting you, always backing you up so to speak. But it is you who have to take this final leap towards your greatness. We are waiting for you in the sidelines, eager in our willingness to help you align with your higher consciousness and the higher vibrational energies that are there for you when you are ready to embrace and embody them.

Each forthcoming alignment is serving to illuminate more of that which is causing you pain and suffering. Do not lose heart Dear One, for you are closer than you think. The so-called end of this leg of the journey is nigh, just around the corner so to speak. You are so close! So very close, and we are overjoyed with your progress so far. We wish you could see how much Light is emanating from within you! It is a magnificent sight to behold!

Hold steadfast Dear One for this is a time where you are stepping into your greatness at an even deeper level, and therefore ensure that you are at all times fully in alignment with the Truth of your Being. Speak your truth, Dear One. Be congruent within yourself. Allow all that is truly YOU to shine forth Now!

We love you dearly and completely and we are always here for you, cheering you on and sharing with you our unconditional love and support.


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