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“I let go and surrender to Archangel Michael all control over my life. And so it is.”

What can this affirmation do for me?

It sets you free! It releases you from the shackles of illusion!

Am I making myself vulnerable to forces outside of myself?

No, no, no!!! If you believe that then you do not comprehend the Power of Archangel Michael.

Will I compromise my gift of free will and choice?

No, never! You always have free will and choice. If you decide you prefer to continue having control over your life,  then simply exercise that preference.

How do I know Archangel Michael will take control over my life?  What if some other nasty entity tries to gain control over me?

Know that the power Archangel Michael holds is the absolute Power of God which is unconditionally loving and infinite in its expression.  His name alone holds power and when you express your intention to call him to your aid, there is nothing and no one who can prevent him from doing so. He will work with you in subtle and miraculous ways to bring about the positive changes you so long for and desire to experience in your life.

Am I safe?

Yes, yes, yes!!! Always and forever!

Some may be of mind that when you hand over control of your life to anything or anyone, that you are losing something very valuable. This is true, but only in a human egoic sense. As a human incarnated on the physical playing field of the 3rd dimension, your ego is used as the vehicle through which you experience the illusions of duality and separation and this good. But there will come a day when you realize that these illusions result only in pain and suffering. Only the heart knows true love!!! The ego knows only the opposite.

So if you’re tired of suffering, and if you’re exhausted from the many challenges of the physical Earth plane, then gift your Self a favor and hand over the reins and control of your life to God or Archangel Michael, or Jesus, or whatever Force of Spiritual Power you have absolute faith in.

In so doing you set yourself free. This action releases the grip ego and your human conditioning has over you and allows Spirit greater access into your life to affect positive and purposeful change.

Spirit, Dear Ones, is capable of supporting you fully and completely in every way shape and form.

Read that again! Decide what that means for you and then implement this knowing into your daily life. Make this knowing, this truth, a way of life.  Let nothing sway you.  Let no man convince you otherwise. Hold steadfast in this belief, and all shall be made available and given to you. You shall want for nothing Dear One, nothing at all.

And so it is.

We love you and wish you a most magical day!


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