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This morning soon after waking my Higher Self said to me, “Let’s make hot chocolate!” Bless his cotton socks, I adore him! So that’s what we did… we heated whole milk in a pan with raw cacao powder and a few shakes of good organic ground cinnamon and added some honey. Absolute bliss to enjoy on a chilly autumn morning!

We adore cacao. In fact we think it’s one of the best things we ever created!

Whoa!! We created cacao?

Of course! We created chocolate. We created it all! Aren’t we amazing??!

Yeah! We are! What do you think people will say (or think) when you tell them we created chocolate?

Most of them will think we’re balmy… but we will just smile, as if we are privy to a major Secret…. which of course we’re not. We have said many times that ALL is within and that nothing – No Thing – exists outside of our Self, therefore if IT exists – whatever the ‘IT’ may be – it must have been created by us.

Let’s see if I’m getting this straight…. You’re suggesting that everything, EVERYTHING, is your/our creation?

Yes I am!

So that would mean WE are the entire Planet?

Yes, we are. Not only are WE the Planetary Body of Gaia, this Planet as a Whole entity, but we are the entire Universe, the Cosmos and beyond! We are infinite in our expression!  [Smile] Michael you are teasing me!

Yes I am!

You have been the BEST teacher and guide Michael. Slowly but surely we’re dismantling the illusion of separation we have encountered by our grounded Self. We exist, as Consciousness, on so many differing levels and the realization and knowing of this tends to boggle (confuse) the human mind. That is until the human mind plugs / tunes itself into its Higher Mind, at which time it all makes perfect sense.

Unconditional love dismantles all illusions by the way. Send yourself unconditional love whenever in doubt, fear, or feeling anything other than perfect harmony and balance and you will create miracle healing and changes within your life.

So much is happening in this Now, and we have been gently prompted and guided to share what we have learned or rather remembered with our readers.

So without further ado let us fill you in.  We are hosting another webinar, maybe a series of webinars – all is unfolding within its own Divine time and space…. So let’s see where this is all going! The fun part is not knowing!

The purpose of this webinar is to share with you what is working and has worked for us as a grounded Light Being (and Light Body) to take a gigantic leap forward into our 5th Dimensional Consciousness and the 5D Unity Consciousness matrix /grid which is slowly building around the New Earth we as a Collective are creating for Humanity.

Part of what you will learn, or rather discover, is how to transcend illusion and reprogram / recondition you human mind/brain – with the help of your Light Body – to stay in the Power of Now and use the Power of Intention to raise your vibrational frequency and perceptual awareness to a whole new level.

This will be an interactive webinar so you will be able to ask questions until your heart is content!

So exciting stuff is happening and I am super excited to be sharing this with you!  A whole new world is opening up for us now and we would love to have you share our experiences and the teachings we have been receiving on an ongoing basis.

We will be sharing the details of the actual webinar event in the next couple days, so stay tuned! Alternatively if you would like us to send you an email notification, please submit your name and email address in the form below.

Thank you!

We love you and wish you a most magic and bliss-filled day!


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