We’ve released so much lately and we are now in a period of cleansing/healing. Sound familiar? We’ve cleared out the cobwebs and dusted out the more of the old closets being revealed and Now is the time to grab a broomstick and perhaps a pail of soapy water and a cloth to clear out those old residues that have been brought to the Light of our consciousness.

Never fear for there is always a silver lining to whatever occurs in life! This means that there are always rewards, always benefits to be had and enjoyed. Sometimes, though, you may have to wait until the dust settles before you can enjoy those benefits or even perceive them for that matter!

So where are we Now? In this e-t e-r-n-a-l moment?

From a personal perspective, we are in a very exciting space or phase of our evolution. We are now accepting and understanding at a deeper level that we are not separate in any way. We are not separate from each other – meaning not separate from other parts or aspects of our Self that exist in a myriad of different realities and dimensions, and we are certainly not separate from ‘other’ Earth humans, and definitely not from any part of life that exists around us. That goes for the plants, the animals, the crystals, a drop of water, a breath of air, a grain of sand and all the fishes in the deep blue sea… We’re IT!

And we even created IT! Wow…

Another thing that we are now accepting and understanding at a deeper level is that ALL exists within us, and everything we see around us is simply a manifestation of our collective God Source energy and consciousness.

Another Wow…If we could have created this, what else is out there that we have created?

In fact, what is out there that we haven’t created? Nothing actually… we created it all.

Well, that’s another blog… perhaps a book even!

We’re also releasing ‘time’ as it is perceived in a linear fashion here on Earth. Being free of time is one of the first steps into our multi-dimensional awareness because when we can perceive of our Self as being in more than one ‘place/space’ at a ‘time’, in other words, more than one reality, then we are well on our way to perceiving our Self as being a multi-dimensional being with MANY realities all happening in this Now!

We’re also experiencing the beginnings of the perceptual awareness of our Infinite Self! In other words, we’re getting a glimpse into what it actually FEELS like to BE INFINITE! Wow!

And by the way… its acceptable to call your self/Self a ‘WE’ instead of an ‘I’.

So with all of this exciting stuff happening in this Now… what can we expect to follow with the alignments of the upcoming Eclipses and Lunar/Solar energies?

Well, maybe it is too soon to tell for sure, but at the very least, we will get to experience MORE and MORE of what it FEELS like to BE an Infinite Being of unlimited wisdom, creativity and potential. And just maybe…we will touch the very CORE of ourselves and experience our OverSoul, a Presence that will bring us further into alignment with our Oneness and the Unity Grid of Consciousness that overlights our being.

There is so much to look forward to my Precious One! Hang in there… not much longer now before you will begin to reap the rich and ripe fruits of your labor.

We love you and as always we are here for you in this eternal moment of Now.


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