Happy December 2016 Solstice Precious Hearts!

Happy December 2016 Solstice Precious Hearts!  I/We (for We are ONE) take this opportunity to thank you most graciously from the Heart of our Soul for your support over the past 4 years.  Were it not for your continued support we would not have been able to do the service work we love and enjoy so very much.

The journey thus far has been sublime, magnificent, heavenly, awe-inspiring and beautiful! We exist in a state of blissful union as One Precious Heart, Soul and Mind.

We guide you to remain focused in your Hearts so that you too may enjoy the blissful union we so very much enjoy here on our Earthly sojourn.

In this now moment, we are less than 2 hours away from the Solstice which promises to provide for us, and for you, a further influx and burst of precious Diamond encoded Light Source energy which serves to propel us even further into the knowing of our Greater Self in One Unity Consciousness.

So we thank you for your continued support of our service work and we wish you everything you could possibly dream of in the magical year of 2017 that awaits you!

We love you and continue to offer you our everlasting and loving support!


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