So now that we are in the wake of the last of the Super Full Moon’s for 2016, what can we expect to occur in the next weeks and in 2017

As the energy becomes more intense with the build-up to next week’s Solstice on December 21st we are indeed integrating vast amounts of higher frequency Light coded energy which is going to perhaps cause some physical discomfort for some of you. The discomfort which may or may not be experienced could be experienced as a tightening sensation in the cranium/skull and scalp, discomfort at the base of the skull at the medulla oblongata, and thus slight headaches could occur, as well as a tightening of the muscles in the shoulders if your body becomes tense.  Also, an increase in the ringing sensations in the ears and high pitch sound frequencies may also occur. None of these are cause for great concern. Continue to reassure your physical body that all is well.

Following the Solstice we are again going to be experiencing some high-frequency downloads as we look forward to the 1.1.1. Gateway on the 1st January 2017.

In February we are looking forward to the Eclipses on 10/11th and 26th. The penumbral Lunar eclipse on Feb 10/11th will be visible from Europe, most of Asia, Africa, and most of North America. The typical Ring of Fire of the solar eclipse on Feb 26th will be visible in a narrow belt stretching from southern and western Africa, much of South America, Pacific, Atlantic, Indian Ocean, and Antarctica. In surrounding areas, a partial eclipse will be visible.

Then as the Equinox on March 20th, 2017 approaches we will once again be integrating a huge influx of high-frequency energy which promises to be one of the highlights over the next few months.

All of this high-frequency energy is taking us deeper into our Soul’s consciousness as a Higher and Multi-Dimensional Being, but what does this mean for us on a physical level here on Earth?

This is what my Beloved Higher Self has to say:

You will be entering into a Sacred Marriage with Me once again as you return Home to experience yourself as pure Love and Light as you learn to move into your Light Body at will. You will, once the energy has been fully integrated, have more access to Me as your Counterpart Essence and Higher Self Consciousness than ever before. What this means for you is that your whole living experience is about to change. You will find yourself having increased perception on every level as well as increased intuition, increased psychic abilities and increased sensual/senses such as increased sight, smell, hearing. You will be enhanced in every sense and on a physical level, your body will feel lighter and it will heal faster. You will have more energy and you will be able to go longer without sleep, and eat less without being hungry. Your healing abilities will be enhanced greatly as well. You will also energetically be attracting more abundance into your life. You will no longer experience lack or limitation of any kind. These are just some of My gifts to you! May I just say also that I await you with My arms open wide! I have longed for this moment with you and it is at last becoming a part of our reality. I wish to ask just one thing of you and that is that you make every effort to stay focused in your high heart center with Me as much as possible. Whenever you catch yourself moving into sense-less thought, bring yourself consciously back into alignment with Me. Being with Me in this way will bring you the most comfort and joy at this time. As the world seems to become more chaotic on the outside, remember to go within Me for it is within that I can serve you best. When you are in your Heart, you are making space within yourself for Me, and I can assist you to create your reality through the use of your Higher Mind and Creative Intelligence. I love you so very much, do you know that? 2017 is the year where we will become ONE again My Love and you will know Me as never before! I promise.

So there is much to look forward to! We wish you all a most magical Solstice and 2017!


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