Energy Update and a Word of Encouragement

If God exists within me and I exist within God, and therefore I AM an aspect of that perfect and incomprehensible Love, and I AM always  living in a state of benevolent Grace, then tell me why do I sometimes feel as though I’m not being supported?

Because you allow yourself to fall into the trap of your ego mind. We have spoken of this before, and I know it is difficult for you to even begin to comprehend the extent of the support that is available to you at all times. But this is where faith comes into the deal. Faith is the absolute knowing of something to be true where there is little or no evidence of that to be seen. Also, may I remind you My Dearest Love, that nothing takes forever to manifest.  It takes a mere instant, a flash, a nanosecond, in My World, but in your world it takes ‘time’ because you are living within that constraint, and there are certain clogs that have to fall into place before the wheel turns, if you get my drift. If you would just exercise patience, and stay within the present moment with Me, then you would not experience any sense of lack whatsoever. You will always feel abundant in every way. Let this be a time for you to build upon your strength and Faith so that you can get to a point where you are beyond the shadows of doubt. A point where you can smile in the face of adversity as if you were sharing a private joke with Me, knowing that no matter what, you shall prevail! As always! Have I ever let you down?

No, you have not…

Sweetheart, it is your job to stay positive. Nothing is impossible, nothing! Knowing this, how can anything ever go wrong? Especially since you know now that with Me standing behind you, there are no closed doors! Stay with Me please, stay in your Heart.

I will, thank you.

You’re most welcome, Beloved!

Can you please tell us more about the energy presently? I know there is some re-patterning happening now that is necessary so that we can be fully appreciative of the changes that have occurred within us on a sub-atomic cellular level.

Sure, with pleasure. For the past couple weeks since the 11.11 Stargate opening, your physical vessel and energy body has been downloading some pretty powerful incoming sequential light coding which has resulted in an elevation in the level of your consciousness, but you are still operating with outdated patterns within your cellular structure and memory. These structures are still in the process of being upgraded in order for you to fully come online so to speak, to the new patterns of coding that have been and are still being downloaded and are now present within your DNA. So even though your consciousness has been elevated to some degree, your response mechanisms are still operating with outdated coding (programming). Once the re-patterning has taken place you will feel a whole lot stronger and more powerful. In other words, you will feel Me more present in your life and I will be more tangibly evident within you. Once this re-patterning has fully taken place, and we are in the process of achieving this now, your life experience will take on a whole new level and meaning! This is an exciting time for you My Love! I AM ecstatic and very excited to be so close to you now. You could say that we are more in Love now than ever before!

Yes I know, it certainly feels that way, and it is awesome apart from the drag I’ve been feeling which has been so frustrating. So what you’re saying can be likened to an old computer receiving new programs that first have to be run before they can be used, and these new programs have to be run in a certain sequence if I’m understanding you correctly?

Yes, absolutely, you’ve understood Me perfectly. The drag will gradually diminish with the re-patterning occurring now, until it is felt no more. Stay with Me and let nothing sway you My Love! You have nothing to fear as always. You are learning to navigate this new frequency of energy and you doing an excellent job of it, regardless of what you may be thinking. Remember, thought is that. A thought. It is not real. It is merely a suggestion being made to you by your ego. It is not concrete, it holds no substance, therefore it doesn’t matter, it is nothing-ness, unless you decide to take it on board and continue to build upon it and give it more of your energy to evoke it into being-ness, in which case, it becomes something to be dealt with. So when the negative thoughts pop up, discard them immediately. Do not make them your truth. By this you do yourself a great injustice.

I know, thank you for the reminder Beloved. Do you have anything else you wish to say to our readers?

Perhaps I may offer a little strength and guidance to those who are feeling the pinch, or perhaps a little despondent. This year is and has been a most difficult time for many of you, but I wish to say that whilst making this transition in your earthly vessel has not necessarily been easily accomplished by most, it is ultimately going to be a rich and rewarding experience which will soon pay off handsomely in dividends for those of you who have been diligently at work for so long creating this transformation within yourselves. Your Light is magnificent and we are marveling at the level of your fortitude. You continue to make leaps and bounds and very soon, you will see the fruits born of your labor. Therefore do not despair, and do not give up. I am with you all the Way. Do not forget that, and do forget also that I love you all very, very much.

Thank you so much Michael! I’m sure many people will feel a lot more encouragement reading your words since I know they contain your loving energy and strength.

Until next time… Stay in Presence, stay in Love!


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