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Michael asked me this morning, “You bought the book?”

I replied, “Yes, I bought it!”

“Why Beloved?” he asked.

“Because it will heal hearts, and heal mine… just a little more. Every little bit helps.”

I hope you don’t mind that I share this book with you today, but I had to share it. It cannot be kept inside. Love cannot be kept within, it has to be expressed. I bought the book Keith Overstreet has just published called “Shekinah’s Nest”. Do your Self a favor and gift it to yourself. Some of you may recall me publishing one of his poems in my musings in December 2013 found here.

I think of Keith Overstreet as my Soul brother. Why? Because he has walked the path that each and every one of us has walked. The path of pain and suffering, and he survived, not knowing at the time if or how he would survive. But survive he did. Some don’t though because they go through life carrying their heavy burdens not knowing how to shed them. Not realizing that Love is the answer to Life and to feeling alive again.

A friend who just two weeks ago met her Twin Flame, said to me this morning, “I feel so alive!”

Yes, alive is the right word, because before you know the Love of your Essence, you are essentially sleep walking through life without any true meaning. It doesn’t even matter that they haven’t yet met in the physical, they’ve met etherically, and this love is already life changing for her.

Each and every one of us is connected in some way and whether we are aware of this fact or not, it doesn’t matter. What does matter is that we reach the point in our lives where we realize we can no longer live without love in our hearts. So fill your heart with Love! And when you do, love echoes all around you! Love changes everything!

Quit judging and start loving!

And so we labour six days and on the seventh day we rest. These words are meaningful words and they go very deep once you read them with full understanding and the fullness of love in your heart.

Have you ever noticed how there seems to be a hidden meaning in most of that which has ever been written? When you read, read with the eyes of your Heart…these eyes are the eyes of your Soul.

The six days can be likened to the toil and sorrow of living (existing) without love in a world that has forgotten love. A world that slumbers and has yet to awaken to its true Essence. The six days can be as long as you decide they should be. Time has no relevance here… Essence exists beyond time and space, and therefore beyond ego.

And when we do awaken on the Seventh Day to the Essence of Love that exists within us, the Perfect Love of the Divine Feminine and Masculine Essence emerges to enfolds us in its comforting embrace, and so we rest eternally in the Arms of Love.

The Seventh Day is our destiny! Essence exists within the Eternal Day of Rest!

And another reason I bought the book is because I wish to support Keith Overstreet and the overwhelming courage he has shown in the publishing of his exquisite poetry, but not only for this great achievement but also because the World needs this exquisiteness and the glory of its high vibration! The World needs Love! It needs healing! People need healing and the Planet needs healing, and healing can only come through the opening of your heart to the One Heart that exists within you! Once you have the courage to open your heart, healing begins as if by magic!

The One Heart within you longs for you. Yearns for your return home!

And when you do, Love welcomes you with arms open wide with Love and Compassion.

Divine Love, Mercy, and Grace await you with One Heart, One Love and One Soul!

I Love you and wish you more and more Love. May you have a most Be-YOU-tiful day!


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