“Alexander and The Water Sprite” ~ Written and channeled by Deborah Faith.

One day, as Alexander sat wistfully by the stream, he noticed a sparkle just above the water. The sparkle intrigued him so that he leaned in closer to see what might be causing the light to sparkle in such a way. As he leaned in closer he noticed his reflection in the water and was shocked to see that he was quite beautiful! He had never before thought of himself as beautiful, but he was! He noticed too that the sparkle was caused by the reflection of the sun off the iridescent skin of the most beautiful Water Sprite he had ever seen.

“Why”, he asked, “does your skin sparkle so my Beautiful One?”

She replied, “I am happy, and when I am happy, my skin sparkles in the Light!”

“How intriguing” he replied.

“It is because I am in love,” she said. “It is the most wonderful feeling in all of the Kingdom. I wish everyone could feel this way”, she sighed.

“It must be wonderful to be in love,” said Alexander.

“Oh, it is! Wonderful indeed!” replied the Water Sprite.

“How does one fall into such a love?” he asked.

“Oh it is easy”, she replied. “All you have to do is be open and willing to receive the beautiful Light of Love into your Heart, and it happens, as if by magic!”

“Interesting… I might just try that.” He said. “But tell me Little One, who might I fall in love with?”

The Water Sprite giggled, “Why yourself of course!”


“Yes of course! You must first love yourself before you can love another”, she explained.

“But how is it possible to love yourself so much? I have so many things that I do not like about myself…” he said with a heavy heart.

“Oh do not let that stop you, not for one second! You are always worthy of being loved” she said.

“Thank you, my Beautiful One. I shall be on my way and ponder what you have taught me” said Alexander. “I do so hope I can fall in love with myself.”

“You must never give up!” said the Water Sprite. “It is the most magical feeling in the World.”

“I shall not,” said Alexander. “I am beautiful too you know. I just saw my reflection in the water a moment ago.”

“Everyone is beautiful,” said the Water Sprite. “True beauty is an inner reflection of one’s heart.”

“It is?”

“Of course! The heart is the home of the Soul and the Soul is always beautiful. It is made in the image and likeness of our Creator.”

“You know who created you?” Alexander asked, clearly amazed at the wisdom of this beautiful creature.

“Yes of course I do! Don’t you?” she asked.

“No, I do not. I must have forgotten” said Alexander. “Tell me Little One, how did you get to be so wise?”

“Oh, everyone is wise!” said the Water Sprite. “It’s just that some of us forget and then it is up to those of us who remember to remind those who have forgotten..”

“Please, help me remember!” exclaimed Alexander now clearly intrigued with the possibility of being as wise as the Water Sprite.

She smiled and said,“Simply believe that you are!”


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