Last night I didn’t feel too well and I wished I had fresh ginger root to make tea to quell the nausea. So this morning I decided I would walk the 30-40 minute walk to the nearest store to buy some fresh ginger root. Luckily the weather was wonderfully cool and breezy as I set out for the store. Rain threatened but Michael kept assuring me I would be fine. I enjoyed the fresh air and the sounds of Egret’s nesting in tall pine trees along the way. It wasn’t long and I became tired, but I was determined to get there. I felt a few splatters of rain and I thought, “Oh Lord, please not now…”

Michael kept on assuring me I would be fine.

I reached the store, purchased the ginger and a few other items and started out for the journey back. I really felt tired but tried not to think about it. I told myself to cancel and delete that thought. It was then that I remembered I could change my energy. I remembered who I am! I’m a powerful spiritual being having a human experience! So I started blessing myself. These words just flowed into my consciousness:

“I bless myself with the Energy of the Divine. I bless myself with perfect health and vitality.”

I repeated them to myself over and over. About 2 minutes later I noticed a change in my energy field. I felt stronger. I started walking faster! I had more physical energy and vitality. And best of all, the journey home felt shorter! I know… as impossible as that may seem, it’s true. Since working with Michael I have come to believe that ALL is possible! And the magic of miracles are EVERYWHERE!

So you may be wondering why I chose to bless myself…

In the words of Archangel Michael “A blessing is the highest form of love, and there is no greater gift you can give yourself.” And furthermore, when you bless yourself, you’re blessing the Universe because YOU ARE the Universe! The same applies to loving and healing yourself. What you do for yourself, you’re doing for the greater good of ALL THAT IS!

Protect yourself from the negative effects of low frequency energy that can lower your level of consciousness and affect your outcomes. Bless yourself and bring into your energy field what it is you wish to experience. Do this from a space of Love, not need. This is important.

I bless you and wish you a most magical day!


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