I AM overwhelmed with DIVINE LOVE right now! Despite the many challenges that we’re facing these days we seem to be rising above them so much easier and faster and we’re becoming so much stronger in the process! We are truly becoming Warriors of the LIGHT as we become LIGHTer in Spirit!

We want to speak some more about the practice of going withIN because if you are not making this a part of your daily ritual, you may find yourself tripping up on the many potholes you are sure to find along your path. What potholes you may be asking? Well let’s just say that the lighter you’re becoming, the more you’re able to clear! Not just for yourself but for those whom you have elected to help in their karmic clearing. So you may be finding yourself in places/situations and dealing with people that continually ‘push your buttons’ so to speak. This is okay, its all a part of the process. Take Heart and relax, literally! All is Love ~ You will SEE this eventually! In other words, it will become clear. But for now, just TRUST and allow this process to happen.

We have said that your gateway or portal to your Divine Self (Higher Self / Source energy) is in your heart center – the energy vortex in the middle of your chest, otherwise known as the High Heart Chakra. It is pink in color but also shoots off a rainbow spectrum of color the more it opens up and expands with the love that is just waiting there for you. This light is what we call the Diamond Light and it is also the highest frequency of the energy of Divine and Sacred Love.

When you’re sitting in your daily meditation with your Divine Self you must learn to still your mind and center your focus and awareness in your heart center, thereby allowing more of the Divine Light to flow within you and through you. This allows for faster clearing and the shifting of lower frequency energies to take place more easily!

To go withIN you must bring your focus, your attention INSIDE your body. When you are inside your body, you are out of your mind! And this is exactly the space you want to be in to do your energy work. Your mind needs to get out of your way or else it will block you. This takes practice to make perfect. The more time you can spend in meditation in this way, the more benefits you will reap.

You truly are IN service to the Divine and you will be rewarded with many miracles and blessings!

Let us just add that if you find this difficult, don’t give up! Persevere all the way, because you are being helped and supported in every way. We have created 2 guided meditations and energy transmissions to help you achieve this. In the first one we are helping you to clear and heal all that is not love – in other words, all the lower frequency energy that has been blocking you. In the second transmission, we help you to go into your Sacred Heart center and ‘meet’ your Higher Self and Source energy. In these transmissions you will be assisted by many Beings of the Light who wish to help you attain higher states of BEing and consciousness.

We love you very much and wish you a blessed and bliss filled NEW day!


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