This morning I gazed up at the clear blue sky and saw the waxing New Moon and the thought came to me that the new moon represents everything that is NEW – new hopes, new opportunities and a new way of BE’ing. And indeed what a blessing this time is for us!

We’re in the process of transcending the old and becoming the NEW – whatever that NEW represents for you!

Focus your energy on the positive and send your love and compassion to those who are still living in fear and suffering.

There will come a time on Earth when the Light quotient will be at a level high enough for everyone to feel the Light of your Love and when this happens they will be filled with hope and joy as they begin to remember who they truly are!

Beloved One, you now have enormous power at your disposal. Each day when you sit in quiet meditation with your Divine Source, use your DIVINE POWER to send LOVE to all living things, including the elemental energies and our Beloved Gaia herself.

You have it within your power now to induce great change upon the Planet. This is indeed your mission and your purpose here.

Remember DIVINE LOVE is the ultimate healer and transfiguring FORCE of the UNIVERSE. This means that LOVE can heal and change anything. It is ONLY through the power of DIVINE LOVE that you will know peace and harmony within and without.

There is no greater power than this. And it is NOW working directly FOR, IN AND THROUGH YOU!

The NEW Earth awaits you Beloved.


We love you and bless you as always.


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