We hope you all had a spectacular Eclipse this morning and that you were able to sit in quiet meditation to integrate some of this fabulous energy with your Higher Source and Consciousness.

If you can, go into Nature and connect with the Elementals and the Spirit of the Forest today. Yesterday we had an opportunity to do that and it was fabulous. Michael tells me we were surrounded the Beings of Light! We sat on part of a river bed high up on the slopes of a mountain. The river bed was covered in beautiful rocks in gorgeous earthy colors and I found one that was pinkish in color and in the shape of a heart. It never ceases to amaze me how loved we are! We are always being reminded of that fact.

As we sat there soaking in the silence and peace of Nature, we merged our energies and shared our grounded energy with Mother Earth and all those who came to visit with us there. I wish now I’d taken a camera to capture the absolute beauty of it to share it with you.

This morning as I sat in meditation and communion with Michael I got the distinct impression that NOW is the time to decide what it is we’re choosing for ourselves. We’ve reached the New Moon and the first of the 2 eclipses and now we’re standing bare and ready to emerge from the ashes so to speak, and re-birth ourselves once more into our magnificent selves.

So what will you choose, Love or fear? Say to yourself right now, over and over again if necessary:

I choose LOVE

I choose JOY

I choose PEACE

I choose HARMONY

I choose FAITH

I choose TRUST


I choose BALANCE

The upcoming Equinox on the 23rd September, with its equal day/night, brings us a sense of equanimity that we shall all be in perfect balance with our Source energy – it is inevitable, it is our destiny, it is a point to which we shall all arrive.

Stay in your Hearts! Stay in LOVE!

We wish you all the PERFECT new Day and we leave you with our love and blessing!


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