5 years ago I sat in my living room in front of my desktop PC and I said to God “That’s it, I’ve had enough! I cannot do this anymore, my life is a mess! I’m giving it all over to You. It’s Your turn now. I’m letting go and letting You take over the reins of my life. I’ll be your instrument and I’m giving you carte blanche (free rein) from now on. Your Will is my will. And so it is.”

I didn’t know who God was back then, but I believed in the Higher Power that was pumping the blood in my veins and giving me the air that I breathe. I knew from Conversations with God that God was in Everything, the Source of All, and that there was nothing that was not God.

I knew also that He had heard me.

That turned out to be the best decision I had ever made.

Earlier today I crossed a national highway on my daily walk and coming down the road towards me was a huge 18 wheeler truck. I said to Michael, “If needed you could stop that truck from hitting me right?” He replied “Of course, but you are already know that. Why do you ask?” I said “You are that powerful?” He replied “I am even more powerful than that. My power is infinite.”

I don’t know why I asked him such a silly question. When I lived in Mexico I used to ask him to move really bad looking thunderstorms for me and he did. So a little 18 wheeler truck is no biggie for him! In case you didn’t know, the thunderstorms in Mexico can get a little crazy. They used to scare me!

Why I’m sharing this with you is because the other day I was thinking about the pact I’d made with God and Michael told me it is still in effect, therefore there is nothing that God cannot Will for me. If God’s Will for me is to go in a certain direction, I go. If He wants me to read or see something, my attention will be drawn there. If I’m meant to meet someone, there is nothing that can prevent that from happening, such is the Will of God.

So why then do people have so little trust and faith in the Divine? Why do they continue to hold onto the reins of their life? Why is it so difficult to hand over control? Is it because God is the unseen? Is it because Angels are unseen? Do we need a physical presence in form to stand before us before we can let go of our fears and trust that all really is well and that everything is being taken care of?

That is “the human condition”, the ego control we were talking about in yesterday’s blog. Until you give up control completely, you will continue to make your life difficult and you will continue to experience misery and suffering.

It’s easier said than done, I know better than most. Earlier today a new friend of mine was surprised to learn that I haven’t earned a paycheck in over 5 years. She asked how do I manage to survive? By the Grace of God I survive. And by my Faith which is regularly replenished! It has been a tough journey. Still after all these years I doubt and let my fears get in the way, but I’ve never gone hungry yet, nor have I ever slept on a park bench.

There are many that envy my life and I don’t blame them. I own practically nothing, yet I am happy. I don’t have to get up in the mornings and rush off to do a job I don’t want to do. I don’t have a mortgage and I don’t own a car, or rather I don’t drive a car the bank owns. But I have never in my life been more content, or known such love, peace and joy. Spirit has a great sense of humor and I have been known to burst out laughing for seemingly ‘nothing’ at all.

Just because you cannot see the angel standing behind you, doesn’t mean he isn’t there!

I am happy with my unseen protector, my unseen guide, my biggest ally and the best friend I ever had. I wouldn’t change my life for a trillion dollars, because money never made anyone happy. And money doesn’t make a life worth living. But Love does!

Let go, and let God. God is love!

I just thought I would share this with you today. I wish you a fabulous day!

Love love love is ALL there is!


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