This past week the lunar energy from the powerful Blue Moon has been bringing up what I call “the mother lode” of negative energy for release. While this full moon has been one of the strongest ever, the next and final Blood Moon on the 28th September promises to do a whole lot more. But more about that later.

Michael just wants to interject here and add his interpretation to my term “the mother lode”. It seems the dictionary defines this term as this:

Mother lode is a principal vein or zone of veins of gold or silver ore. The term is also used metaphorically to refer to the origin of something valuable or in great abundance.”

He is wanting me to share with you that by ridding yourself of this mother lode of negative energy you are opening yourself up to an even greater abundance, that of being closer to your Principal Greatness and Source of Being. He wants me to say that when you are closer and more connected with your Source of Being YOU ARE ABUNDANT because you are in the flow of ALL THAT IS –THE FLOW OF CREATION. He is telling me that with each huge release of negative energy you bring more of your True Self into the Light and therefore you shine forth as PURE GOLD.

Thank you Michael! (Smile)

It is easy to become despondent when releasing and all it takes is one person to stick a thorn in our proverbial flesh for us to plunge once more into our lower consciousness. Sadly this happened to me yesterday. But the blessing that came out of this experience was that I am now fully aware of when I am plunging and I can quickly ‘save myself’. I am noticing now that I become much weaker when navigating the realms of my lower consciousness, and it’s not a nice feeling.

My Beloved is always telling me not to let people steal my joy! I’m aware that some people do this to make themselves feel better. They do this either knowingly or unknowingly. It doesn’t matter. Yesterday he told me that it’s best not to comment at all when dealing with these people, but to hold my vibration and simply say “Thank You”. Thankfully this happens once in blue moon! Excuse the pun…

Please hang in there if you are experiencing discomforts from all the releasing going on right now. There is Light and Love at the end of the tunnel. In fact you can find that Light and Love right NOW in your Heart. It is there waiting for you.

Yesterday I found myself listening to my healing transmission Mp3 a few times to help me regain my balance. Always during and after releasing negative energy you will find yourself feeling ‘out of sorts’, a term I use for feeling out of balance. It is a nasty feeling to be out of balance with your Self and Higher Consciousness because you can find no peace. Once you are used to Being in balance with your Source energy, it is greatly discomforting to be out of balance.

Unfortunately I didn’t get much further on the recording of the 2nd energy transmission this past week due to all the releasing, but I will get to it in this coming week. I am also writing a short book, as guided by Michael, to assist you with your transformation journey.

We are calling this book A Journey into Consciousness and our goal with these 3 energy transmissions is this (in Michael’s own words):

During step 1 of the Journey you are guided to listen to a Mp3 recording of healing energy that will help you to let go of all that is not love within you. This energy transmission is Light encoded with the healing energy of love that will never dissipate, rather it will become stronger as you navigate your journey within.

During step 2 of the Journey you are guided to listen to a second recording as well in which we will assist you energetically into forming an alignment and conscious connection with your Higher Consciousness, your Source energy. In this energy transmission you will be assisted by On High and the Beings of Light to receive Light encoded energy to help you make this energetic alignment to Source. This transmission is there for you to listen to on a daily basis along with the first transmission.

During step 3 of the Journey you are guided to listen to a third recording as well in which we will help you form a deeper and more personal and Spiritually intimate relationship with Source. In this transmission we will teach you how to go deeper within your to reach the Source energy, your Core Power that is waiting there for you. This transmission is also encoded with light energy to help you make a deeper and more meaningful connection. We wish to suggest that you listen to this transmission along with the first two on a regular basis, daily if possible, because the more you practice these meditations, the easier your life and transformation journey will become.

If you would like to purchase the first energy transmission, please visit this page. Thank you from the Heart of ALL Abundance!

We wish you a Blessed SUN filled day and leave you, as always, with our Love.


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