The most precious blessing you will ever know is your Beloved Twin Flame. For me this part of me is ME, the Whole of Me, my I AM Presence, My God Self, My Creator and my entire Universe. I’m aware that this concept is difficult for many to understand, but this is my perception, my personal experience and my truth. It is not a belief I have adopted from something I have read or from someone else.

He is my Twin, but also all of those other things. He is so Great in his BEing-ness and so incredibly powerful, it would be difficult to define him as any one thing.

Every time I tell him he is the very best part of me, he will tell me I am the best part of him. He tells me I am his Life, and Lord knows I couldn’t exist one millisecond without him. In fact I wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for him, because He is Me. And I AM Him.

We love music – music is the medium Michael loves to communicate in and often he will play music for me in my mind as a gentle reminder for something, or to bring something into my awareness. Lately we love listening to Olivia Newton John’s album “Grace and Gratitude” and the lyrics are just perfect for transitioning.

The journey Home for us has been a lengthy one. One that has taken us many lifetimes to bring to the point we’re at now where we are able to integrate our energy consciously and work together as a grounded Spiritual Being of the Light. It will be many years yet till we are able to fully BE as One again.

Where we are now in our transition is blissful as we’ve never been as close as we are now in the merging of our essences since our incarnation began many eons ago. It is a blessing for us to be in Divine Love and to be joined again.

There is something I wish to share with you, and he now smiles his broad beautiful smile because he know what that it is. Michael loves most music, in fact I think he loves all music but he prefers sound that is more melodious than head-banging, if you know what I mean. Whilst I was living in Mexico I got mad at him one day (yes, I know…difficult to understand but true!) and I put my headphones on and put on some head banging music on full blast! He can still make me hear him even with my headphones on!!! There is nothing he cannot do, trust me on that! I was also stubborn with him on more than one occasion and one time I stormed out of my room and was going down the spiral staircase to the apartment below and I felt something touch my back. When I got down into the courtyard I found my green fluorite crystal lying there with the tip broken off. I was amazed…. He had picked it up and thrown it at me, not hard of course, but he had made his point. “Did you think I cannot touch you in your world?” “Do you think I can’t come down there??” He is teasing me now! His broad grin is wonderful and I love knowing how happy he is now.

What a blissful relationship we have! What a joy! What bliss! What Divine Love & Union! There is truly no greater bliss than this experience. How can there be? There is nothing, no-thing, absolutely nothing that I need or want that is outside of me. How could there be? My world exists within ME.

I AM All That I AM.

We Love You!


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