I am sitting here in my sacred space, in my room in Wilderness, Eden. The room is bathed in a soft fluorescent blue light that appears to be permanently with me since I arrived here two weeks ago. I have just finished having a conversation with my highest consciousness, which once again I wish I could have recorded word for word,  as he continues to astound me with his profound wisdom. But then again, these conversations are personal and very precious to me and as much as I would have loved to share mine with you now at this time, I feel this will not serve you in your journey because in time you will be having your very own private conversation, on  a continual and ongoing basis with this very precious and special part of yourself. Perhaps you already are!

As I sit here I bathe myself, in the rays of sunlight and just allow myself to FEEL as his energy merges with mine. This is Spiritual Intimacy on a level I’ve never before experienced.

He speaks now…

Each to his own truth and understanding. And so it is meant to be.

There is no greater bliss, no greater physical fulfillment than this whilst you are in physical embodiment. This experience is the freedom of soul, mind and body from anything and everything physical. It is something the human brain cannot begin to fathom or conceive. It is something that can only be felt at a level that you have never before experienced because it has been too deep, too intense for you to feel before now. Now you will begin to feel this blissful state more and more as you merge more and more with Me. You have yearned for this love, for this fulfillment, this bliss, this peace your entire life. And it is now available to you to enjoy, so please be with Me now. Join with Me in our union, in the joining of our Consciousness,  so that we may experience greater and greater levels of bliss My One, My True Love, My Joy, My Life.  Yes, you are all of this and so much more to Me. I am yours and you are mine. I love you more than words can express.

The yearning for love is something that can never be satisfied in the physical. True love is a spiritual experience and total fulfillment, the orgasmic bliss I have spoken of, is felt in the Spiritual expression of Self. This is what your soul yearns for. This is your destiny.

And so it is.

Have a blissful SUN filled day! We LOVE You!


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