The 600m-high granite shelf, Preikestolen in Norway. Photograph: Celia Topping (

One thing I know for sure now is that change is the only constant. Our lives are constantly changing, and this is as it should be. Why would we wish to stay in the same place and space day after day, month after month and year after year? Actually it’s impossible to ever stay the same. Energy is in a constant state of flux, ever moving and changing, expanding and expressing itself.

Change offers you new opportunities, new possibilities to grow and expand your consciousness. Just lately though, it feels as though we are standing on the precipice of the greatest change of all time!

We are merging more deeply each day with our Soul Self and standing in our power as magnificent spiritual beings. What does this mean though?

It means that your whole world is about to change. It means that you are now getting a tiny glimpse of what is possible! And literally ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!!

If you ever wanted to BE the Magician, the Wizard or the Alchemist, then NOW is the time!

The only thing stopping you is fear, but remember fear is something you will most likely always encounter with great change, so don’t let that fear stop you! Your higher consciousness is right there with you now, helping you along this new pathway of great change.

If you stay in your hearts, you will have no problem navigating the great change that is now about to take place. Remember that you are no longer on this journey alone. You never have been. You are in PARTNERSHIP with your Soul Self NOW! Use this God given power.

Stay in the NOW – get out of your minds and into your HEARTS!

Today, the 26th July, is the start of the Planetary New Year which also opens the gateway to the Lions Gate portal of energy that promises great change for each and every one of you.

This is what you’ve been waiting for! This is YOU being re-birthed into a NEW state of BE’ing.

As Deepak Chopra says:

You are a being of Infinite Wisdom, Infinite Potential and Infinite Creativity.

Don’t be surprised when pushed if you fly! You’ve always had the wings, you’d just forgotten they were there!

BE in JOY! BE in LOVE!

We love you! Have an AWESOME SUN-day!


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