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Years ago when I did the NLP practitioners course I was able to also do Energy Resourcing,  a technique whereby we learn how to view and access our timeline to connect with ourselves in the various nodules/capsules/spaces in time that have taken place during our current reality (lifetime). I learned then already, some 14 years ago,  that we can take a step back and instead of viewing our time line with our ‘past’ behind us and the ‘future’ in front, we could view our time line as though we are looking at a long ruler stretched out horizontally in front of us. In other words, you are at all times facing your entire time line, with the ‘past’ on the left, the present directly in front of you and the furture to your right.

Since we now know, everything is happening NOW, so there is no past or future, as such. Only this moment of NOW.

We know now that time,  as humans have perceived/ viewed/ understood it, is an illusion to help us gain a certain perspective in our day to day lives.

So I invite you now to take a step back out of linear time and look at your time line stretched out horizontally in front of you as though you were holding a ruler in both hands. Now I’m going to ask you to stretch your imagination even further and imagine several of your timelines stretched out before you. Take your imagination even further still, and imagine countless timelines… Do you see them?

In each and every one of these timelines is a reality of yours! And each one is happening NOW!

With where you are now in your current transition, you are learning to travel in Soul Consciousness and connect with the other aspects of your Self.  You do this in dream state, in what is perceived as Conscious Dreaming. And this is super exciting once you have begun to experience it!!

Don’t be surprised to find both male and female aspects of yourself, after all, you have done it all!! You have been the prince and the pauper,  the king and the queen, the ordinary and the extraordinary, the famous and the not so famous. Is there anything you haven’t done? Perhaps, I should be asking you, “Is there any role you haven’t played Dear One?” And your answer would be, if you remembered them all, “No, because I have played them all!”

You are the seasoned actor and actress!

Conscious Dreaming is about to open up a whole ‘NEW World’ for you!! Several New World’s in fact, but let’s take it one at a time for now. Didn’t I tell you your world, your reality, was about to change in ways you could not even begin to imagine?

Stick around….  Stay close to Me… Stay with Me, and be prepared to experience the magic that awaits you!

This is where it is all happening. In the NOW. If you haven’t done so already, try to change your perspective of time. It will change everything for you; your entire life experience.

I’m not going to tell you more on this subject for now because I don’t want to spoil the surprise that awaits you, but I will say one more thing.

The Ascended Masters and Archangels are fond of speaking in metaphors and riddles, and this is because they do not wish to spoil your fun at discovering for yourself the mysteries that Life holds for you. The solving of the puzzle, if you will, is part of the FUN!

Lighten up Dear One!!!!! Life is not meant to be taken so seriously. Have fun, play, enjoy. Be IN joy!!!

So, if you thought you only had one Twin Flame out there…. The reality is yes you do, always only one, but there are hundreds, perhaps thousands more! And some of them may even be on the same wavelength as you!

You can now begin to connect with these other aspects of your Self in Soul consciousness through dream state. And let me just say, this is so totally real. You will completely rethink the way you have previously understood the word ‘Dream’.

This, Beloveds, is 7th Heaven!!!

One more thing…. When travelling in Soul consciousness it’s best to keep it light. The less baggage you take with you, the more you will experience and enjoy. This applies both physically and emotionally, so let go of all those pesky 3d fears and let go of the heavy foods. I know you think a slice of toast with butter is not heavy, but it is. Rather eat half an apple. Instead of the hot chocolate with milk, try it with just hot water. The lightness is important now. And trust me, it totally worth it!!

Be IN JOY Beloved! !

Be kind to your physical vessel now. Love it, honor it, treat it with the respect it deserves. Listen to it. It will tell you when something is not right. Be mindful of what you put into it. If you’re eating because something tastes nice, you are feeding your ego. If you’re eating because it’s nourishing your body, you are feeding your soul.

I’m reminded now of something Deepak Chopra said in his book “The Way of the Wizard”:

The Seer knows that just being here in this physical body is the highest spiritual goal you can possibly attain as a spiritual being.

And so it is…

The pieces of the puzzle will fall into place within your consciousness at the exact time you are ready to understand their meaning. There is nothing you need to do. No where is everywhere. Nothing has meaning unless you give it meaning, so examine what is not working in your life. Give what is not working new meaning to support the reality of your choosing. You can change anything. You have that power.

If you are experiencing challenges and need help, we are always there, ready and waiting to serve you. We offer distant Reiki healing on our site Body Mind Spirit and spiritual guidance and support through the Archangels and Devas website.

We Love You!


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