Michael led me to the channeling and teachings of Emmanuel received through Pat Rodegast, and I am thoroughly enjoying reading the first of his books. I recognize Michael’s energy in the wisdom contained in the teaching and perhaps this can be attributed to the fact that Michael is also Emmanuel at some level. Perhaps we all are!

Emmanuel channeled a few books through Pat Rodegast, but I am yet to finish the first of these profound books. His teaching on death is something that I feel should be shared especially in light of the recent earthquakes in Tibet that have resulted in many souls leaving the Planet. I do hope Pat doesn’t mind me sharing these words with you today. Since publishing the books Pat has since left the Planet, and now I’m being told she doesn’t mind at all! So here goes… Thank you Pat!

When asked how it would actually feel like to die, Emmanuel answers thus:

“Dying is akin to having been in a rather stuffy room where too many people are talking and smoking and suddenly you see a door that allows you to exit into fresh air and sunlight. It is much like that.”

He goes on to say “We are always there to welcome those who exit so leave your bodies with arms spread to receive the embrace.”

When asked about accidental death, Emmanuel says “There is no such thing as an accident. When your soul chooses to leave your body, it will leave. Life is not an amateur circus tent where those who enter are individual, lonely performers with no script and no director – only a tumbling about, a fling through the air, and then a crash. No. That is false. As souls, you are self-determining. You decide when to be born. You create your life every minute of every day by what you choose to believe. You decide when to die. All things evolve around the total truth of love, balance, order, cause and effect. These are Divine Laws.”

When asked how we can prepare ourselves for the loss of loved ones, Emmanuel says “Loved ones are never lost. Of course you will miss the physical being, but when you learn to go beyond that, there will be no missing at all. Even as you sit in your human form, once you allow yourselves – notice the word “allow’ – to believe that you exist beyond the physical, you will touch hands with those who have left. And it will be real. It will be more real than the physicality that you had touched before.”

I have had recent and very real experience of this with my Dad who left the physical Earth plane over 12 years ago. I feel closer to him now than I ever felt while he was embodied.

When asked if we would ever be able to increase the life span of the body, perhaps to where death could be overcome, Emmanuel answered “What in the world would you want to do that for? I honestly cannot think of anything more unpleasant than to remain forever locked in your school room.”

Earth is still known as “The School of Hard Knocks”, and in many ways it is that. It is certainly used as a school by many Souls wishing to attain higher learning. But the good news is that it’s changing and will continue to do so as we advance further into the Age of Aquarius or the Age of Enlightenment. In this Age of Enlightenment, the Galactic Human template that was once established many eons ago for the Earth experience will once more come into effect. The dense carbon human form is slowly being upgraded into a lighter form known as the Crystalline body, in order to hold a much higher level of consciousness, and therefore Light.

The LeMurians who chose to stay on, or rather in middle Earth after the demise of LeMuria, exist in a much higher level of consciousness, and thus remain unseen by many. They have the ability to teleport their human crystalline form, and to manifest instantaneously at will.

This is where many of us are headed at this time. It is our choice to remain on the Planet to assist in the enlightenment of planetary consciousness as a whole. But it is not the choice of every Soul. Many Souls will leave, and some will choose to leave together in groups, as they have chosen to do in Tibet through the recent earthquakes there.

It is important to know that the Soul does not suffer when exiting the human form. The transition is made quite painlessly. If people could understand this they may be able to release some of their fear of dying.

As Emmanuel says “Life and death should not be considered opposites. It is closer to the truth to speak of dying as an entrance rather than an exit. What the doorway of death offers is a resurgence of tremendous vitality, for you are entering from what could be described as a watered down version of life into the thing itself, the vitality of the primary reality.”

Emmanuel goes on to say “The process of dying is always a joyous one once the human fear has been overcome. When fear is laid aside, death becomes a most exciting adventure. There is nothing to fear in the universe. Nothing.”

Knowing this, be not fearful for those who are choosing to leave, rather let us extend our love and blessings to those who have chosen to remain.

All Souls return to Love and Oneness at some chosen point. It is inevitable and as natural as breathing.


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