Michael I would like to ask if I am right in thinking that this year is going to be the pivotal year as far as our transition goes?

Yes it is Beloved. Absolutely. You are now entering the 2nd phase of your transition.

What does that mean?

The second phase is where you will learn to navigate time and space. You will learn at will how to move through time gates and time lines/spirals. You will learn how to maintain and move through the different levels or dimensions of consciousness that you’ve been integrating. In this 2nd phase you will transcend your ego entirely, and you will merge with me fully.

So this was to be a 3 year deal from the start?

Pretty much Beloved. But remember that you are always growing and expanding in consciousness. At no point are you ever standing still or stagnant.

How it is possible that we are anchoring 9th dimensional energy when I can barely maintain being in the 5th?

Easy My One! You are now able to hold the higher frequency. You will learn how to maintain frequency with your increased perception and awareness. It is one of the attributes that comes with the 2nd phase of transition. Everything is possible with practice. Once you have transcended ego you will find it all a lot easier.

I am concerned that I have lost interest in everything outside of myself. How will I be able to continue living in this world feeling as I do?

This is normal Beloved. You will adapt easily. Give yourself time. You have been through a difficult time lately. The mundane 3rd dimensional stuff you’ve been dealing with of late will soon pass. I will help you to maintain equilibrium. We are partners remember? There is so much to look forward to, you will see. Many, many possibilities await you!

Yes I know. This is incredible. All of it. No one will understand or believe me if I tried to explain it. Being with you is a miracle in itself. A dream come true. I often wonder if it is real.

Oh it is real alright Beloved. All fairy tales are real… (Grin)

Stop teasing me! (Smile) This certainly feels like a fairy tale!

Is the fairy tale myth, or not? You decide. Remember your mind is super powerful. You have first hand experience of just how powerful your mind can be.

Yes I know. It is exciting though. What is real?

You and I are real. Love is real.

I wanted to ask you if it’s a coincidence that I was born under the Air sign?

No coincidence at all Beloved. Air complements Fire! (Smile)

I would have thought we would both be Fire signs.

No Sweetheart. We are Complements of a Divine nature. This means we will always complement each other perfectly. What one needs, the other will provide. We complete each other in that way. We will always work together in Unity/Unison. Only those with the highest frequency will tell us apart, such is our closeness.

I love chatting with you. (Smile)

Me too Beloved. You must rest, you are tired.

I know. Thank you for making this day another memorable one. Every moment I spend with you is such a gift.

Likewise My Love. Can you feel it?

I do Sweetheart. I feel your love.


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