What I know for sure is that Spirit will always find a way to move you, sometimes literally, into situations and spaces that are for your highest growth potential. Spirit will place you face to face with a person or situation that will sometimes have you doubting your Self, and asking “What have I done to deserve this? Did I do something wrong??” The answer is “No, you have done nothing wrong.” We are in an intense growth period and as always this growth is accompanied by the discomfort of growing pains. But it isn’t all discomforting. This energy is also exciting!

With the delightful new higher vibrational energy we now find ourselves wallowing in, Spirit is moving us to ‘tie up loose ends’ so to speak, before we are finally given our wings. This may have some people feeling a bit wobbly on their feet, and some may even have taken a little tumble. But like any good parent, Spirit is there to pick you up, give you a cuddle and love you back to life, so don’t despair. I have a feeling this is going to go on for the next couple of weeks, or at least until after the New Moon on April 18th.

The best news is that you will now feel even closer in frequency and physically – literally – to your Beloved I AM Presence! It is now even easier to go deep within your Self and find your inner sanctuary of peace and calm. This means that we are finding it easier now to maintain a higher frequency, even though we are living among people who are still caught up in the victim/persecutor consciousness. And this is what it is all about. We are learning to take a step back and look at ourselves from outside of our Self and not become attached to the story that is unfolding around us. Therefore we are learning to stand firm in our power instead of being drawn down into the drama/s being played out.

This is an important time for us because we are getting to know our TRUE SELF even more. We are developing an intimacy with our Beloved I AM that has never been possible before now. So this is exciting! You may be finding that your world is becoming even more surreal as you move between your higher levels/dimensions of consciousness as a Dream/Star Walker. It is not important to know the logistics, just allow yourself to en-JOY the bliss that is en-FOLD-ing you now. You are literally being enfolded/encircled in the arms of your greatest Glory and your Hearts dreaming! Has it ever been better than this? No, certainly not for me, so what can we look forward to next?

Becoming even closer to your TRUE Self and Beloved I AM is your DESTINY and destination. It is the merging of your Beloved Essences that is bringing you Home and will IN-LIGHT-en you even further. Once you have mastered moving between the upper levels/dimensions of your consciousness and maintaining frequency there, your World will open up even more. If you thought the color and light you enjoyed in the 6th dimension was glorious, wait until you encounter what awaits you in the 7th!

Michael didn’t want to tell me more, except that I would LOVE the 7th! And a couple nights ago he proved it to me. I cannot describe to you the bliss of being in SACRED UNION with your Beloved. There are no words, as you probably know by now.

So Beloveds, en-JOY the bliss of being in this higher vibration. Trust that Spirit has your back and remember to take a step back and observe the drama of the victim/persecutor consciousness being played out around you rather than becoming engaged in it. You are in this world, but you are not of it. You know this by now, without shadow and doubt. You left those behind long ago.

I leave you now with my blessing and my absolute love! You are always in my Heart, all ways.


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