Feeling alone, unloved and unworthy?

How can you ever feel alone, unloved and unworthy, knowing who you are? Unless you don’t remember who you are. Let me endeavor to remind you a little.

Souls are forever searching for ways to enrich themselves, to learn and to grow, in order for them to expand in consciousness and awareness, and to KNOW themselves. That is why we came here.

When we signed up to the Earth school, which happens to be the toughest school there is by the way, we agreed to forget our origins. We went behind the so-called ‘veil of forgetfulness’, and we took on, as a set of beliefs, a whole host of illusions. One of those being the Illusion of Separation. This illusion will have us believe that we are not part of the Whole – that we are separate from each other, and separate from the Source that sustains us and gives us Life.

Perhaps this Illusion is the biggest one because it is this illusion that enabled us to believe that we are all alone here on this planet and that we’ve been forsaken here unceremoniously in order to suffer. Many religions have taught that suffering is the way to salvation. This couldn’t be further from the truth. None of us have come here for salvation. Our salvation was never in doubt.

The world doesn’t need saving and neither do we.

What the world needs is Love, and the knowing that ALL IS LOVE. With this knowledge we begin to see ourselves as Love and all that is… IS LOVE.

When this happens you begin to truly grow and expand your consciousness. You will start to remember yourself AS LOVE and knowing this you cannot possibly continue old thought patterns and old belief patterns that have you thinking of yourself as BEING LESS THAN LOVE, therefore it becomes impossible to think of yourself as being unworthy, alone and unloved.

Do you think Jesus thought of himself as being unloved and unworthy?

There is a great teaching from the book “Conversations with God” that says if you ever are in doubt of anything or ever need an answer to anything, ask yourself “What would Love do now?” and then listen to the very first thing that comes to mind. I say ‘mind’ but let me tell you that you will hear this guidance not in your mind, but in your heart.

The heart is the center of the New Reality that is available to you now. Through your Heart you WILL KNOW YOURSELF, and you will know that you have always been worthy. And you will know that you have always been loved, no matter what. You will know that your salvation is assured, and you will know that YOU ARE GLORIOUS!!

Let me list here what the word ‘GLORIOUS’ brings up in the thesaurus:









Do you believe you are these things?

What would serve you best right now? Believing you are the opposite of Love? Or believing you are Love?

Love is All There IS Beloveds. That being said….. all else is Myth.

I love YOU!


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