I received this message today and wanted to share it with you.

Every act of kindness and love adds more Light and more Love to your life, even if that act of kindness is a mere smile.

Everyone has their burdens and a smile can lift their burdens, however briefly that may be.

Your ultimate reward is paid in frequency. Everything is frequency. Light is frequency, therefore love is frequency. When you return to Oneness and to your ultimate state of BE-ing Divine Love, this also is dependent on frequency. Divine Love has many levels of frequency, meaning many levels of consciousness, each of which, as you reach higher and higher, allow you to experience more and more joy, harmony and peace in your life. Each level brings with it greater wisdom and a higher level of bliss.

Therefore go about your day offering everyone you meet in the street, café’s, stores, on your walks etc., a smile. You will be surprised how much your life will become enriched.

You don’t need money to enrich someone’s life. You can do that by simply offering them a smile. This is the way of living in Christ consciousness. This is the way our brother Jesus taught, and the only way to reach your ultimate goal of Heaven on Earth.

To live your life any other way is to live in fear. Fear is the opposite of love and love is the only antidote to fear. If there is something you fear, no matter what it is, it doesn’t matter, begin today to offer small acts of kindness wherever you go. The fear will melt away as you feel yourself becoming enriched by the love that is all around you. It is impossible to fully feel love whilst living in fear.

Now I have given you a simple formula that you can take into your heart and begin changing your life immediately.


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