Having just watched Kaypatcha’s latest astrology report, I want to say that he’s hit the nail on the head once more. If you have any confusion/doubt as to what is going on now with the energy, with yourself, with others, then do yourself a favor and watch the report: http://youtu.be/TZu9n5b7zFc

Yes, we ARE Sexual Beings, and not just in the 3rd dimension either! We ARE and always will be, in one form or another, an embodiment of the Divine Masculine and Feminine energies that make up WHO WE ARE as Spiritual Beings.

What’s happening now is A GREAT COMING TOGETHER of these two DYNAMIC and EXTREMELY POWERFUL energies for the FIRST TIME here on Planet Earth and this SACRED RE-UNION is going to catapult this Planet into the NEW AGE!

The POWER of these two Sacred energies working synergistically together cannot be adequately expressed in words. It literally blows the human mind. The manifestation ability that these two energies hold together is BE-yond anything the human mind can comprehend at this time.

Archangel Michael said the other day in a channel with Celia Fenn on Starchildglobal.com:

Beloved Family of Light, as you embody this Divine Feminine energy, you help to sustain, love and rebirth the Earth.  This is the ultimate secret of the Grail Codes Mystery, the renewal of life and love in a New Age through the Alchemical process of inner Sacred Union.  

It is a deep inner union of all aspects of Self, transmuting the old energies into the New Diamond Crystalline Light.as you embody the Great Mother, you become the Grail, or the Chalice for the Diamond Light.  It flows from you and into the creation of a New Earth and a New Reality.  At the right time, the Divine Masculine will step forth to manifest this New Reality into Material Form.

So, this is an intense month and guaranteed to move us forward at the speed of light into great change here on Earth.

It’s happening NOW!

Last week I wrote about the Age of Transparency. The time to cover up and hide who we are is over Beloveds. There is NO MORE HIDING. It’s all going to be exposed to the Light – sooner or later.

The great SEPARATION / ILLUSION is coming to a rapid ending. The great AWAKENING is happening NOW and will continue to happen even more rapidly than before.

So, stay in your HEARTS!

Whilst the ego fights to retain its hold over you, know that you are safe – that nothing can touch you. This is what you came here to DO, and to BE – The Holy Grail for LOVE.

May your cup runneth over BE-LOVE-ds.

I love you!


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