Most of us have been in transcending or ascending our lower states of Be-ing and consciousness for some time now. Some have only recently woken up and are starting to feel major changes happening within their physical bodies. At whichever point you’re at in your transition you are likely to be feeling some minor or major distress in your physical vessel. We know by now that influxes of energy occur with each alignment such as with the Solstice, Equinox and Eclipses, and also with the Full and New Moons monthly. Solar activity also causes a certain influx of these light packets of energy. Know that your Higher Self is governing these energies for you!

Physical symptoms appear and then disappear over time. Sometime they disappear and then reappear again in the same area. This has happened to me time and time again. For instance I have experienced major toothache on and off for more than 6 months and also jaw and ear pain mostly on the left side of my face. Two days ago I awoke with a partially swollen eye and itchiness over the front and back of my neck. I have had major dizzy spells, nausea, muscle weakness and heart palpitations, and also been so exhausted and lethargic that on some days I find it difficult to even walk. Do I run to the doctor? No, because I know that it is all to do with releasing the old energy and that my body will heal itself. I trust my Higher Self and I am guided on what to do and what to eat. Mostly the advice I receive is to rest and sleep as much as possible, and to stick to light foods and drink plenty water. Recently I heard “Crystals grow in water…” We know that our physical vessels are becoming Light-er (more Love) and crystalline in their cellular structure.

Your body needs water now more than ever. Sometimes you will feel so thirsty that no amount of water seems to hydrate your body sufficiently. Just follow your intuition. Eating heavily, especially late in the day or evening will cause you discomfort as this is when your Higher Self is integrating and recalibrating most of the incoming energy for you. Connecting with Nature and with the Elementals will help also. There are many things you can do like use flower essences and essential oils. Indulge yourself in sea salt baths. Just be kind and loving towards yourself. Remember love heals!

There is a mis-perception out there that it is the incoming energy that is causing all the discomfort we are feeling, but this is not so. At least not directly. All the incoming energy is coming from the Divine Source of All That Is – The Galactic Heart of One – so how can it possibly be causing us any discomfort? It cannot. We know that this energy IS LOVE – Pure unadulterated unconditional Divine LOVE! On the contrary LOVE heals. It cannot do anything else. It is in this healing process that we release ALL that is NOT love within us. It is this discordant or dissonant energy that is making us sick and causing us so much discomfort.

Be careful that you are not blaming the incoming energy for your aches and pains because this can cause resistance within you. Remember that the NEW energy is helping you to BECOME MORE LOVE – to BECOME MORE OF WHAT YOU ARE AT CORE LEVEL!

The incoming NEW energies are getting stronger and stronger as we are ABLE TO HOLD MUCH MORE LIGHT now than ever before!

For some of you the upcoming Equinox and Eclipses will be life changing in a way that cannot be adequately described using words. I will say now more than ever it is imperative that you remain in TRUST and FAITH that ALL IS WELL and know that everything is happening as and when it should be.

Your Higher Self is a loving and gentle presence and EVER PRESENT! Speak to your Self and develop a deep connection with this part of YOU. This will help you now more than ever.

I wish you nothing but LOVE and count-less Blessings!


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