It’s been two weeks since I last wrote. Much has happened and come to Light. Much is being cleared to make way for more Light to come IN and through us. I am doing well though. I have never felt better but I still have a little further to go to fully ‘detox’ my physical vessel from the lower energies I allowed in over all the years I have lived in this current lifetime. I did not treat this body well, and it has taken much strain over the years. I didn’t do this on purpose, I was just not aware of it at the time. I marvel that it has lasted as long as it has! More and more I am in awe of the perfection of this creation! Why oh why do we take our bodies for granted? If I can give you any advice today let it be this: be mindful of what you put into your body. Be mindful of what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. Be mindful of your thoughts and the words you speak. They have energy. Your sub-conscious mind does not have a sense of humor. It takes everything you say seriously. And it listens to everything!

Something that has been brought to my attention again is the ego or shadow aspect of ourselves. This is the illusion part of yourself that can only exist within the 3rd realm. It will try to exercise its power over you. In truth the ego has NO power over you, lest you give it your power. It operates just like any other illusion, so be mindful of what you believe!

Whenever I’ve spoken to Higher Self about this subject he/she always has the same answer.

You are not your ego. The shadow aspect of you is an illusion. Have you not noticed that when you stand within the Light, with the Light pouring down from directly above you, that the shadow disappears? The shadow cannot exist within the Light Dear One. It is an illusion that shows itself only when you are outside the Light – outside of your Heart. Instead choose to LIVE withIN That Which I AM – Pure Divine Love Presence.

This is My Gift to You. This is your Divine Birthright.

Live withOUT (outside of your Heart) and you open yourself up to all the vulnerabilities of your ego / shadow self. It is only withIN that you will know Me – the Essence and Nature of your True Self. It is withIN, My Precious One, that you will become My Partner and Co-Joined Creator to re-establish Love in All of Its Purity of Form here on this beautiful Planet.

I’m learning to stay more and more IN my Heart because it makes my life SO MUCH EASIER! And SO MUCH MORE FUN! We have wonderful times together and we are closer (in frequency) now than ever before!

We wish we could give you a taste of how it feels to BE IN UNITY with Your True Self. Words can no longer convey the meaning of what we are feeling. It is literally beyond this realm of understanding.

So YES, again we say to you. It is WITHIN where you will find TRUE FREEDOM, not the superficial kind that exists here on Earth.

It is WITHIN where you will find TRUE PEACE, your inner JOY and LOVE, not the conditional kind that exists here on Earth.

True love has no conditions.

True love wants nothing from you.

It has no expectations.

It has no requirements.

It has no limitations.

True love is kind.

It is patient.

And it never walks away.

It is WITHIN where you will find the meaning of TRUE FREEDOM, not the superficial kind that exists here on Earth.

These things are your BIRTHRIGHT as Sovereign Beings!

WE salute you and wish you LOVE PEACE & JOY! Have a blessed & magical New Day.


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