“Why are we writing about this again?” I asked Michael this morning, and he said “Because, My Love, some people could use a reminder”.

Life in the illusions is difficult, to say the least… The biggest one of the Illusions, is that of ‘Need’. If you haven’t read “Communion with God” by Neale Donald Walsch, then read it if you feel guided to. The entire book is about the 10 Illusions of Man, of which Need is but one. This illusion, I feel, is one of the most debilitating of all, apart from the illusion of Separation. These 10 illusions form the basis of all life experience in the lower dimensions or levels of consciousness. But for now, let’s talk about NEED.

This past week I’ve been suggesting that people read Louise Hay’s book “You can heal your life”. If you haven’t found your answer in the first 10 pages of the book, then perhaps the time is not right for you to find it. That being said, she has much the same philosophy as we do. This is what she says:

“When people come to me with a problem, I don’t care what it is – poor health, lack of money, unfulfilled relationships, or stifled creativity – there is only one thing I ever work on, and that is LOVING THE SELF!” ~ Louise Hay

Know that we are talking about UNCONDITIONAL LOVE here – the kind that is DIVINE, not the human kind. Loving and accepting yourself, UNCONDITIONALLY, is the first step to changing your entire life experience. In fact it is the ONLY step you need ever take. All else follows…

Love truly does create miracles in your life. Love creates change. Love heals. Love opens doors. Love will give you everything you have ever desired. Note we do not say “everything you have ever needed”, because you must remove the illusion of ‘need’ from your consciousness.

If something is not working in your life, or something is not manifesting, then ask yourself what is motivating this desire. Is what you are desiring motivated by Need (aka EGO), or by LOVE?

The illusion of Need creates negative energy blocks, whereas LOVE creates possibility. So basically it is quite simple. If you are not manifesting your desire, then you must be creating the blocks preventing it from manifesting.

For some, the ego will continue to bait you with its nagging doubts, but eventually you will learn to control the lower aspect of your mind. Your mind is YOURS to control. Not the other way round. So take no notice of the baiting of your ego. Pay it NO MIND. It is of no consequence. Love understands that it’s not always easy to overcome the doubts. But persistence pays Beloved. It truly does. As soon as the ego gives you any doubts, go immediately into your Heart and let LOVE dissolve them away. Let LOVE reassure you and give you the strength, courage and faith to overcome them.

The more you allow LOVE to strengthen you, the more powerful you become, and the more control you will exercise over your lower mind. Notice we say ALLOW here. An excellent affirmation to overcome doubts “I ALLOW all that is good to enter into my life NOW!”

The NOW MOMENT Beloveds is where EVERYTHING is happening. It is where you are CREATING YOUR NEXT EXPERIENCE. THE NOW is where your Heart lives. Remember the future is in your MIND and your ego.

Therefore once again, we ask you to GO WITHIN and go IN to LOVE. Again we say to you “Love is all you NEED”. When you live within your Heart and in the vibration and frequency of the magnificent Divine LOVE that resides there, the illusion of need will disappear, and all you have ever desired will be drawn to you, as if by way of magic.

This is your Birthright as a Divine and Sovereign Being. Step out of the illusions and IN to LOVE. Remember it all starts with YOU. Everything is YOU.


We wish you LOVE, LOVE, LOVE BE-LOVE-d’s! Have a magical and supremely JOY-ous New Day!


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