(Photo – Rock pools at Bloubergstrand Beach in Cape Town, South Africa)

Almost 4 weeks since I arrived back in South Africa! Wow! I am still settling in and have just a few days ago found a wonderful little new Earth home in which to stay. Yesterday I asked Michael why we chose this country for our final lifetime here and he said:

“At the very tip of this Continent exists great amounts of energy. Combine this energy with the elements of Water, Air, Earth and Fire [the Sun] and you have a formula for magic! We chose to be here to work with this energy as part of our Mission.” Then he said, “You have a special place in your heart for Africa and what she has endured over millennia. There are vast amounts of discordant energies that we are clearing here Beloved, even though you are not yet aware of this now, soon you shall be.”

Truly magic does exist here at the very tip of Africa. And it exists within me also.

We have written so much about BEing in your Heart and about working with your Higher Consciousness [Core Power] to create the life of your choosing, yet there are still those of you who are having a difficult time with this concept. Anything is possible when you are living in a HEART-BASED REALITY. LOVE IS the center of the UNIVERSE. Love IS.

I have not been writing much these days, rather concentrating on just BE-ing in this higher vibration and frequency. Nothing is more important now than this learning or remembering. It is challenging though because the ego mind [lower consciousness] still tries to pull you back down. Frequency is everything, I am told. Nothing else matters. Once you can maintain your higher frequency and move AT WILL between the 3rd 4th and 5th dimensions, you will have passed the ‘frequency test’ so to speak. Love again is the answer here. Thoughts of Love, appreciation and gratitude as well as positive affirmations will hold you up there where you belong. But it is something that will require some effort on your part in order for it to be made habit. Fortunately as humans we are well schooled in the formation of habit!

Stand back [detach] and observe rather than engage. This is something else that will require some effort on your part, but it is well worth it in the end. You can navigate the 3rd and 4th dimension easily without engaging your energy, but it does take some practice.

Beloveds, I do hope you are IN-joying this amazing time! The energy is palpable and tangible. And in some instances even VISIBLE. It has been eons since we have felt so much LIGHT anchored here on Planet Earth. We are almost HOME!

Today is another POWER day energetically – 01.11.2015 (1+1+1+2+0+1+5) = 11 (1+1) = 2. The Power of ONE as we move towards ONE Unity Consciousness and the Christ Consciousness of our Higher Dimensional and True Self. Two become ONE as we merge our Masculine and Feminine Essences in Sacred and Divine Matrimony and Union. And so it is.

Stay grounded and strong and stay IN your HEARTS Dear Ones. There is truly no other place to BE.

We Love You and Bless You and wish You a blissful day of MAGIC and MIRACLES!


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